Travelbox Review + Coupon Code – December 2013

Travelbox Review - December 2013

Travelbox, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a monthly subscription box service just for travelers, the travel-obsessed and people on-the-go. Every month you'll receive a package of innovative, unique products designed to inspire and supply your travels.

Each Travelbox will contain a combination of 4-5 premium travel, food, beauty and lifestyle items that could include:

- travel inspiration: e.g. foreign language tools, maps, books on traveling
- travel gear: e.g. foldable water bottles, portable phone chargers
- travel comforts: e.g. sleep masks, ear plugs, travel candles, travel pillows
- grooming & beauty products: e.g. locally milled soaps, premium skin care products, portable sunscreen
- travel snacks: e.g. premium artisan chocolates and snacks from around the world
- travel entertainment: e.g. games, books

Cost: $33 / month + $5.95 shipping. Ships to US only.

Coupon Code: WELCOME saves you 10% off your subscription.

Travelbox Review - December 2013

Travelbox - First Look

First Look

This is their Founder's Box. I love being able to experience brand new subscription boxes, so I’m excited to see what this new subscription box has to offer. Here’s what’s inside:

Breffo Spiderpodium

This is very cool! This is a multi-purpose, universal, gadget grip, holster, dock and display podium. Holding your tiny phone or camera for long periods of time can be frustrating and downright annoying. This can hold your phone, camera or iPod anywhere and everywhere.

Breffo Spiderpodium

Luxe City Guide (Paris)

A pocket sized city guide for Paris. This guide is jam-packed with useful tips on what to see, do and where to eat in Paris. I will use day!

Luxe City Guide (Paris)

Luxe City Guide (Paris)

Dreams Essentials Sleep Mask

What does this looks like to you? It kind of reminds me of a padded bra lol. Actually this is a great sleep mask. Perfect for anyone having trouble sleeping. It has adjustable straps and because of the design your eyes won’t touch the fabric. It comes with a drawstring carry pouch and earplugs.

Dreams Essentials Sleep Mask

Lanolin Agg Tval Eggwhite Facial Care

This facial soap uses a traditional Swedish recipe of eggwhites, rose water and lanolin to create beautiful, glowing skin. I love this cute box! Can’t wait to try this.

Lanolin Agg Tval Eggwhite Facial Care

Guylain Artisanal Truffles

Chocolate truffles, yes please! Made from 100% Belgian Chocolate and is filled with hazelnut filling.

Guylain Artisanal Truffles

If you're an avid traveler, you'll appreciate getting innovative travel goods and mini premium travel products to replenish your stock and prepare you for your travels each month.

If you don't travel, but you love the idea of learning about the world around you, you'll enjoy discovering new world-inspired items, travel-sized beauty/care products and unique snack foods delivered to your door each month. plus all of our items are great for people with busy lifestyles or those who are on-the-go frequently.

The box has a good value of over $45, so it’s a good deal! I really like the selection of items and know the Spiderdpodium will come in handy. I think Travelbox is off to a good start! Interested in checking them out, visit them at

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