TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – June 2017

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – June 2017

Before I get into the review, I think it's worth mentioning that TeeBlox has finally lowered its international shipping fees! Shipping outside the US used to be an insane $20! This was one of my biggest issues with Teeblox. Now international shipping is a reasonable $7.99 (although I think they could get it even lower).

TeeBlox is a t-shirt subscription service that brings 100% authentic licensed geek and gamer shirts to your doorstep monthly. Along with a shirt, you'll receive 2 goodies (comics, stickers, posters, coasters, buttons, etc…). Some of their partners are: DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, Nintendo, Blizzard, Steam, Game of Thrones, and Sonic. You can choose from multiple categories like Movies & TV-Shows, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Sci-Fi, Cartoons, Disney, Games, or Hot Meex. You can switch categories at any time in your account.

Cost: $12.99/month (USD), $35.97 - 3 Months Prepay, $65.94 - 6 Months Prepay, or $119.98 - 12 Months Prepay

Shipping: US – $2.99 | Internationally – $7.99

Coupon Code:

  • LASTCHANCE - Be grandfathered in with the original $9.99/month price. (Month to Month Plan Only)
  • GIRLMEETSBOX - Save 15% off your first month!
  • GMBTBX - Get free shipping on your first month. (Deducts $2.99)

The shirt comes in a plastic mailer with the TeeBlox logo on it. This is the Movies & TV TeeBlox.

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – June 2017

Sesame Street T-Shirt

Who doesn't love Cookie Monster?! This awesome exclusively licensed Sesame Street Cookie Monster Fail t-shirt is a soft 100% cotton and will be sure to elicit smiles from people passing by! I couldn't help but giggle when I pulled it out of the packaging.

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – June 2017

We also got a Wetworks comic and a Thunderbox sticker/decal.

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – June 2017

I like the shirt we received this month. At first, I wasn't exactly thrilled about a Sesame Street shirt, but it is Cookie Monster and I think he brings a smile to everyone's face. I'm more happy that they have finally lowered shipping costs. I think it's important to note these things because it's not only those in the US who subscribe and shipping can be a real deciding factor in subscribing to certain subscription boxes.

What do you think of TeeBlox?

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