Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – September 2015

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – September 2015

Nerd Block is a monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles! They have a few different subscription boxes – Classic ($19.99), Jr. Boys ($13.99), Jr. Girls ($13.99), Comic Block ($13.99), Horror Block ($19.99), and Arcade Block ($19.99).

The Jr. Box is for ages 6-11 and only has toys.

Cost: $13.99/month (USD) + $6 shipping to Canada & US.

Shipping: Internationally.

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Elektrokidz are the first ever music inspired collectables that dance to the beat of the music you are listening to! The hair is what moves to the music and the boys thought this was hysterical! He comes with a pair of sunglasses too.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – September 2015

Beanie Ballz Monsters University Sulley

My youngest son scooped him up immediately! He loves getting stuffed animals or anything for that matter to add to his collection.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – September 2015

KRE-O Transformers Kreon Warrior

My other son was very happy with this! These are like LEGO figures, but they're Transformers and the one we got is Bumblebee dressed as a warrior.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – September 2015

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Tattoos

We still have a lot of tattoos from a previous Nerd Block, but the boys love them. They're Spider-Man tattoos, what boy wouldn't like these?!

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – September 2015

The Squickerwonkers by Evangeline Lilly

This book is by actress Evangeline Lilly. I actually saw her on a talk show months ago talking about this book. Unfortunately, my boys had no interest in this book. We haven't actually sat down to read it, but I skimmed through it and it's kind of a dark story and might be more suitable for older children and adults. This is the description:

Meet Selma of the Rin-Run Royals, a clever little girl who is spoiled to the core. One day Selma stumbles upon a band of colorful marionettes, and gets more than she bargained for. The remarkable Squickerwonkers of the fabulous Squickershow are about to teach Selma that she’ll not always get her way.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – September 2015

September's Nerd Block Jr. has a total value of around $51. I thought this box had some great things for the boys and I'm impressed with the value! The Elektrokidz was probably the star of the box and everything else was a fun bonus! This is a box the boys always look forward to and is one I'd recommend. If you're unfamiliar to Nerd Block they have several Block options, so you should check them out to see which one would be good for you!

What do you think of Nerd Block Jr.?

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