Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – May 2015

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – May 2015

Nerd Block is a monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles! They have a few different subscription boxes – Classic ($19.99), Jr. Boys ($13.99), Jr. Girls ($13.99), Comic Block ($13.99), Horror Block ($19.99), and Arcade Block ($19.99).

The Jr. Box is for ages 6-11 and only has toys.

Cost: $13.99 / month (USD) + $6 shipping to Canada & US. Ships internationally.

Nerd Block now offers long-term subscription plans which will save you 10-20% per block which makes it more cost-effective since there are shipping fees and taxes to Canada.

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The Quest for the Diamond Sword by Winter Morgan

My son recently has an interest in Minecraft from the kids at school, but I honestly didn't think he'd like this book, but he does! It's a straight up text book - no pictures, and I'm sure he would listen to the whole book in one sitting.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – May 2015

Justice League On-The-Go Bottle

This bottle is great! It's got characters he likes on it and it's useful. It's a soft, collapsible bottle designed to take 12 fl. oz. of liquids on the go. It stands upright when filled, empties completely flat and can be rolled or folded for easy storage.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – May 2015

Tech Deck Star Wars Darth Vadar

I'm not sure of the value on this, but he likes this toy and it comes with a display stand and sticker.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – May 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Magnet (Rocket Raccoon)

We got this same item and our March Nerd Block. I'm not too happy seeing a repeat item, even if it's from a different Block. Plus, it's just a magnet, not something they'd use anyway.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – May 2015

Sick Bricks

These are mix and match figures that are kind of like Legos. It also comes with a free game download.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – May 2015

May's Nerd Block Jr. has a value of around $29.63. It's a good value and we thought this box had some fun stuff. Surprisingly, the book was the favourite item and the rest (besides the magnet) were all liked, so it's a good box this month! We're looking forward to getting the first Comic Block which should be shipping next week.

What do you think of Nerd Block?

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