LittleEcoFootprint – April 2013 Review


I’m always excited to get my LittleEcoFootprint box. I love these type of boxes that cater to moms and babies. They’re filled with healthy, natural, eco-friendly products selected by real moms. Each month your LittleEcoFootprint membership box will contain at least 5 of the highest quality products ranging from cosmetics, personal care and wellness, organic foods, safe and non-toxic toys, and natural home care.

LittleEcoFootprint April 2013 Review

This month’s box was a different size than last month’s, so at first I wasn’t sure who it was from. After opening it and seeing the pink tissue paper and pamphlet I was happy to see what it was. ( I don’t know if their boxes always come in different sizes each month, this was my second box from them.) Their pamphlets include the product information along with articles about healthy living and helpful mom tips. I enjoy reading it and learning a thing or two.

Elma & Sana - Morroccan Argan Oil with Lavendar Essential Oil
$10 / 1oz. (Full-Size)

LittleEcoFootprint April 2013 Review

Argan Oil is great for your hair and skin. It restores the natural freshness and glow to skin, and reduces the appearance of aging signs. You can apply to hair for a leave-in treatment and on nails and cuticles for stronger, healthier nails.

Argan Oils have gained a lot of popularity recently. I have yet to use any, so we’ll see it lives up to the hype.

Earth’s Berries - Soap Nuts
$5 / 20g (Sample)

LittleEcoFootprint April 2013 Review

These soap nuts are one of the most economical and environmentally friendly ways of doing laundry and cleaning. They leave your clothes soft, scent free, residue free without need for fabric softner.

Now these have me intrigued. I’ve never heard of soap berries, so I had to go to the website to check it out. Apparently they’ve been used in Southeast Asia for centuries and in Europe for decades. I am very interested to see how well they work! An environmentally better way to do laundry and cheaper, sounds good to me!

Smith Farms - Red Berry Lip Tint
$6 / 2g (Full-Size)

LittleEcoFootprint April 2013 Review

Smith Farms is a line of all natural, locally made skincare products.

I love anything that’s good for my lips, so I’m sure I’ll like this. It has a sheer colour and is rich in vitamins E, A, B, and D.

Re-Wood Toys
$8 - 6 Block Set

LittleEcoFootprint April 2013 Review

Re-wood Toys makes natural, organic, and earth friendly wooden toys for babies and children. They provide a variety of quality teethers, toys, rattles, and blocks.

These are a classic children’s toy. I love the fact they recycle, reuse, and repurpose wood to create beautiful toys. Unfortunately my little one is at the age where he’ll most likely throw them and break something. My older son will probably get better use of them for now. I only wish they had something printed on the blocks. I find they’re a little boring the way they are, but still a nice toy.

Prana - Tamari Almonds & Deluxe Chocolate Mix
$5 / package


Prana offers you a wide range of organic products made in the province Quebec. We take pride in offering our customers high quality products that have been inspired by different culinary traditions around the globe.

These look yummy. Everyone around here loves almonds and the chocolate mix will be gone in no time I’m sure, so I’m pretty happy about getting 2 packages.

Also included in the box were two coupons:

LittleEcoFootprint April 2013 Review

Maple Hill Dryer Balls - $7 0ff
Wee Woollies - $15 off

Overall I am pleased with this box and like the variety. I enjoy discovering these unique products that LittleEcoFootprint introduces me to. This is a pretty good value of $39. The box month to month is $29 . Have you subscribed? Let me know what you think of the box.

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