Random Round-Up

So I’m doing a new post called Random Round-Up of well, random things that I love, amuse me, or just want to talk about. I'm not sure how often I'll do it, but I might make it a regular thing.

To start off, I want to mention some of the products I’ve enjoyed from some of my recent subscription boxes. First there's the Bestowed box. It was my first one and gotta tell you after trying everything in it, I will definitely subscribe again. My whole family enjoyed everything. I loved the olives like I knew I would, my sons liked the fig bars, and most surprisingly my 17 month son loved the quinoa lentil soup. It was suppose to be my lunch one day and I let him have some and he gobbled it all up! I mean the kid loved it!


From my Spring Luxebox  I got this KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry . It’s supposed to help dry your hair about 50% faster. I was pretty skeptical about this one. How can it help dry my hair faster? Well I don’t know how they did it, but it works! My hair is pretty thick and takes forever to dry. I’d say it takes me at least 30-40 min. to dry. I timed it and it took about 20-25 min. to dry with this product! I gotta know if others experienced the same result. So if you’ve tried this product tell me if it worked for you.


Ok totally changing topics, I saw this ecard and just about died. It's funny yet disgusting, but me and my man laughed our asses off.


I know, sick right? I love someecards.com, my kind of humour.

Finally I am so excited about all the boxes I’m expecting. I have Beauty Box 5, Glossybox, Fancy Box and Coco Rocha Fancy Box are coming. The new ones will be Kona Kase, Bulubox, i-Ella The List and MommiesFirst. I got Little Eco Footprint the other day (review to come) and I just ordered my first Julep box. Ok yeah, clearly have an addiction. I didn’t realize there was so many until now. Who cares?! I love it and it makes me happy! Which boxes are you expecting and what are some of your faves?

So that’s it! My first Random Round-Up. What’s been on your minds lately? Got any new boxes or products you’re loving? I want to hear about it, so hit me up!


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