Kona Kase – April Review


I received my first Kona Kase and was really excited to see what kind of goodies I got. With Kona Kase you’ll get at least 8 healthy snacks products each month. I was interested in trying this type of box, but after getting a great deal using a promo code, I couldn’t say no.


I was happy to see after opening it, there were a lot of snacks inside considering the box isn’t very big.



They’re all-natural bars that provide the right balance of of slow-burn carbs, high quality protein, healthy fats and fiber - all free of gluten and soy allergens. I love what they’re all about, but unfortunately with the flavours I got (chocolate coconut & cashew cranberry orange), I won’t be eating them. Not my kind of flavours. Someone else can enjoy these.

Picky Bars

They’re gluten and dairy free energy bars, made only of real food balanced for sport. This looks interesting, but what I love is the packaging. “It’s freaking science, dude”!



This is a drink mix (just add water). It contains 10 grams of whole chia seeds with delicious fruit and superfood extracts. Again something I’m eager to try, but of all the flavours I had to get coconut (I just don’t like anything coconut flavoured). I still might give it a try though.

Rickland Orchards

This is an all-natural greek yogurt bar. Cool, something I’m pretty sure I’ll like.

Kind Plus Bar

I don’t know if it was a typo, but they had another brand listed on the info card, not this one. Either way it has 10 grams of protein and has lots of big chunks of nuts. Looks good to me.


Barbara Llewellyn

These are Brown Sugar and Rosemary Cashews. This looks delish! It’ll be a fight between me and my man to see who gets these. Maybe I’ll be nice and share.


A Baked whole soy and fruit bar. There’s some healthy goodness is this, but not something for me. One of my boys might like it.


Journey Bar

This is a savoury nutrition bar made with real herbs and spice, as well as whole grains and almonds. Now this is more my style. I like my treats to be on the savoury side sometimes, so this will be good to try.

Justin’s Honey & Peanut Butter Blend

It’s too bad it’s a one serving sample, because all of my boys will love this! Daddy’s go to snack for the boys is peanut butter and honey sandwich, so this is perfect.

So for my first Kona Kase box I’d have to say it was alright! I personally would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if they were in different flavours, but it was still a good box. I would definitely recommend anyone to give their a box a try. Did you subscribed to this month’s box? If so, let me know what you think.

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