It’s Paper Dear Review

It's Paper Dear Review

UPDATE: It's Paper Dear is no longer available.

It’s Paper Dear is a monthly subscription box dedicated to lovely paper bits and office goodies. While most of the box will change month to month, there will be some repeating monthly features: a pretty journal for you to doodle, write, and/or collage in. A lovely pen or pencil for you to play in your new journal with, and pretty tapes and office goodies. But let's not forget the paper...Everything from note cards to recipe cards, to bookmarks to book plates. From templates to create the loveliest envelopes on the planet, to DIY paper projects. From stickers and stamps to labels and collage sheets. From scrapbooking and smashbooking supplies to tons of wonderful stationery to write darling letters.

Cost: $17 / month - ships internationally

As you guys know I love subscribing to a variety of subscription boxes. I had heard about this one and decided to give it a try. I enjoy nice stationary, but I wouldn’t say I have a huge use for it. Anyhow after receiving this box I wasn’t going to do a review for it. I had mixed feelings about it. For one, I thought I would get like a nice stationery set or notepads or something. Instead I basically received a bunch of scrap paper, no lie! I was like how do I even review this and what do I say about it? I mean it was disappointing for sure and I really just wanted to forget about it, but I decided to go ahead and post this as a filler for now while I’m waiting for my other usual boxes to come in.

Here’s what I received:

It's Paper Dear Review

It's Paper Dear Review

It's Paper Dear Review

I guess the theme was “Vintage”. There was a lot of old labels, random bits of paper, a few envelopes, a pencil and pen. Trying to see a use for all this, I suppose this is for someone who enjoys embellishing notes and cards. I used like making my own greeting cards, but those days are long gone. I will not use most of this and the contents will be going in the recycle bin. I purchased this off the Etsy store, but it looks like you can’t buy it there any more.

What do you think of this subscription box? Do you know of any good stationery boxes?

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