Brazen Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review

Brazen Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review

I was first introduced to Brazen Cosmetics through Beauty Box 5. They are one of the regular brands you’ll see if you subscribe to the box.

Brazen Cosmetics is your top stop for kick ass indie cosmetics for stage and street! We love creative and trendy makeup and scents! Why blend in?! We specialize in professional formulas, intense pigmentation, and long wearing shades.

I’ve enjoyed some of Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadows, but haven’t tried their lip products. Recently they launched their new Liquid Lipsticks and I had a chance to sample some of them and here they are for you to check out.

ULTRAPLUSH LIQUID LIPSTICK: The latest technology plus vitamins & antioxidants for a flawless moisturizing finish. This lip-softening color is what your lips have been begging for! Opaque full coverage lipstick in a creamy soft texture that gives you everything you love in a lipstick but none of the drying. The brand new lipstick line comes in a wide range of shades to satisfy every girl’s lust for color! Lightly flavored like vanilla cupcake, does it get any better?

Liquid Lipsticks

Ingredients used in the Liquid Lipsticks: Castor seed oil provides fantastic softness with a satin finish. Beeswax holds color on your lips, for a long-wearing formula. Organic Jojoba & Meadowfoam & Argan oils drench your lips in softness, actually improving skin texture and condition. We also add green tea extract, vitamin E (gluten-free) & vitamin C for anti-oxidant & anti-aging properties. Gluten, Paraben, Chemical, Phthalate and Cruelty-Free!

Packed in 8 ml click-pen with brush tip.

Retail Price: $14

I received three shades:

Liquid Lipsticks

imageLiquid Lipsticks

Carpe Diem - Inspiring Rosy Gold Shimmer.

Pale pink gold adds a gorgeous shimmer on lips by itself or layer it over your favorite shade for a totally new combination of sexy lips!

La Femme - Peachy Neutral with Gold Sheen.

This shade is perfect on all skintones and complexions. It starts out with a perfectly neutral peachy pink, not too pink but not too orange...just right. Then we swirl in a hint of gold sheen that adds a pop of sexy without going over the top.

Nerd Repellant - The Brightest Hot Pink w/Mega Glitter.

We start with a vibrant pop of pink that would make any bold beauty enamored! And what else repels nerds? Glitter! We chock this full of sparkling iridescent microglitter to make this lipstick a pink-lover's dream!

These liquid lipsticks go one very nicely and are highly pigmented. Shimmer factor is crazy bright! I took a couple of pics in different lighting.

This is indoor lighting in the early evening.

Brazen Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Carpe Diem, La Femme, Nerd Repellant

This is natural daylight.

Brazen Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Carpe Diem, La Femme, Nerd Repellant

I think these are all fun shades and they do go on creamy which I like. However, the only colour I would wear alone is La Femme. I simply don’t find the other two flattering on my skin tone. I would layer Carpe Diem and Nerd Repellant over another colour to make it work for me. I could definitely see all three of these colours on someone with a darker skin tone. With that said, I think this is a really good new lip product line. I love the ingredients used and just because I received a few shades that I didn't care for with my skin tone doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend them, because I would. I would definitely wear Protest, Hot Blooded and Aphrodite. I prefer reds and berry colours.

In other big news for Brazen Cosmetics, they just launched a new subscription box called Friends With Benefits. They are offering three monthly memberships and it looks great!

friends with benefits

SILVER - $10 (Going up to $15 after the first 100!)
GOLD - $15 (Going up to $20 after the first 100!)
PLATINUM - $25 (Going up to $30 after the first 100!)

I am super excited for this new subscription! I totally want to try more products from Brazen, so this is a great opportunity to. To find out more about Brazen click HERE and Friends With Benefits go HERE.

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