Foot Cardigan Review – June 2016

Foot Cardigan Review – June 2016

Over the past years, I have grown to love fun and funky socks. The more colours the better. So, I decided it was time for a pair of socks from Foot Cardigan. Who better to enable my funky sock fix than a sock subscription?!

Foot Cardigan is a monthly sock subscription that sends one random pair of funky socks. They are for men and women and are anything but boring! Choose to pay monthly subscription or just pay once. They also has a children’s division called Whippersnappers.

Foot Cardigan Review – June 2016

Just Grillin' Socks

I received a pair of mustard yellow men's socks with a BBQ inspired spatula pattern. Appropriately named Just Grillin'. At first glance, I was not too crazy about the colours (especially the brown patches) but it slowly grew on me. That's what funky socks are all about! The socks very soft and appear to be very good quality.
Foot Cardigan Review – June 2016Foot Cardigan Review – June 2016

To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything other than socks in my package, but I also received this cork coaster as an added bonus.

Foot Cardigan Review – June 2016

Overall, I got what I expected. My socks are definitely not boring! The patterns and designs are very unique. As a Canadian citizen, I would not subscribe to Foot Cardigan based on the US exchange rate alone. Instead I'd rather place random orders here and there. Although $12 (USD) is a fair price, it turns into my $15-$16 (CAN) with the exchange rate… for a pair of socks.

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