Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review – March 2013

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

She's here, she's here! I got to meet her, I can't believe it! Coco has arrived!

Ok it's not really her, but it's probably as close as I'll ever get to meeting her. The first Coco Rocha Fancy Box came and I was so excited to see what kind of products would be in it. I had to avoid some other review blogs cause I didn't want to ruin the surprise, but ended up taking a little peek at what others got before me.

When I opened the box it did look pretty empty, but I tried not to think much of it. After looking at everything, first thing I thought was yeah these are so appropriate and what you'd expect from Coco, so that was good!

The items each came with a little card explaining a bit about the product. I liked them!

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

The first thing I pulled out was:

The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior - $25.95 CAN

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

It's a very cute little book with tons of fashion tips. Sometimes I feel like there's something missing in my outfit, so I'll be looking to this book for some answers.

Opaque Over The Knee Socks - $15 US

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

I love wearing these kind of socks...around the house. I never thought I would say this but, I think I'm a little too old to be wearing them like this in the picture out in public, so I'll rock them indoors!

Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray - $15 US

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

So with Fancy Box I've come to realize you'll most likely always get an ice cube tray in your box. I now have this one and the fish one, guess I'll be starting a collection. Cute item.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - $12 US

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

I have heard nothing but good things about this hand cream. I have used Shea butter products before, so I knew I'd like this and I do! I love the scent and it is a great hand cream. I would totally buy it.

China Glaze Nail Polish - $15 US

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

Sun Worshipper and Concrete Catwalk

I'm not big on doing my nails, but I do like China Glaze and have some of their other colours. I really like the bright orange, this is gonna be my summer colour for nails.

Rings & Tings Bracelet - $11.05 US

Coco Rocha Fancy Box

This is great! I never been into gold jewelry at all, but recently have only been wearing gold. I love it! This is my totally my style.

Overall I am very happy with the Coco Rocha Fancy Box! It was definitely worth the wait! The price for the box is $39 . If only Fancy could do something about the shipping fees. Having it shipped to Canada is $17. I used a code, so that helps with the cost otherwise I probably would've missed out on this box. I'm so glad I ordered it though! I am already excited for next month's box! This is one of my new favourite boxes!

What did you think of it? Did it meet your expectations? I'd love to know. Leave me a comment.


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