ZBOX Review – February 2016

ZBOX Review – February 2016

ZBOX is a monthly geek box themed around your favourite geeky interests and will include a variety of items tied to a monthly theme. Each month you will be sent a box containing over £35 (~$50 USD) worth of exclusive, licensed merchandise. Perfect as a monthly treat or a gift for your geeky friends.

Cost: $29.62/month (USD) (3 months), $28.86/month (6 months), $28.01/month (12 months)

Shipping: Free to the UK. Canada and the US are £0.99 for standard shipping. International shipping fees vary.

ZBOX wants the box to be as much of the experience as the mystery gifts inside it, so every month the interior of your box will have been designed specifically around the theme and includes a little Easter-egg, so if you are a subscriber, grab your old boxes and see if you can find it!

This month’s theme is Killers.

ZBOX Magazine

Filled with great news, information and community images and from ZBOX fans around the world! Make sure you tag your images and videos with #zbox when you post them online and check in the next box if you've made it into the magazine!

ZBOX Review – February 2016
Star Wars Boba Fett Coffee Mug

This mug should inspire you to take on the day the only way a bounty hunter knows how. The graphic is obviously Fett but subtle enough to bring into the boardroom. I did and no one was the wiser. The mug itself is a standard 8 oz coffee mug.

ZBOX Review – February 2016

Stovington Eagles T-Shirt

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! A tribute to the Stovington Eagles t-shirt worn by Jack Nicholson’s character in the film The Shining. The perfect tee for the obscure reference and homage to your favourite films. This is by far my favourite item I have ever seen in a geek box. The Shining is by far, one of my favourite films. What? A ladies small. Nooooo!

ZBOX Review – February 2016

Bride Of Chucky - Plush Chucky Doll

This plush figure is definitely not child’s play and Chucky should know. I’d say the doll was cute but I am not sure that is very accurate. He’s always been kinda scary.

ZBOX Review – February 2016

American Psycho Business Card

I first saw this in the box and gave it a quick glance and thought it was from the owner of ZBOX. It was not until further inspection and some google searches that I figured out it was a part of the box. A subtle off white colouring. Good cardstock. It even has a watermark.

Mars Attacks Patch

Be prepared for when Tim Burton’s infamous killer aliens ever come back. They will take one look at the patch on your bag or jacket, see that you are on their side and say “ack, ack, ack” and be on their way. At least you hope.

ZBOX Review – February 2016

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe - Graphic Novel

In this graphic novel, the X-Men send Deadpool to a mental hospital for therapy but after an evil doctor secretly attempts to brainwash Wade, he embarks on a killing spree across the Marvel universe in an attempt to rebel against his comic book creators. Amazing art! This is timely coming on the tail of the success of the Deadpool movie. If you have yet to read any of the Deadpool comics, check it out, they are great.

ZBOX Review – February 2016

The packaging is exceptional and the quality of the goods are excellent. Everything in ZBOX is from Zavvi and they only supply licensed products. There is definitely some thought that goes into this subscription box. I was very impressed with the theme and the corresponding items. Everything made sense and could be associated easily with your favourite killer. Sounds gruesome. Value for your money is in the box. The t-shirt sells for $19.50 (USD) on Amazon and the graphic novel is $15 (USD). That is about $35 alone so if the shipping is really one british pound to Canada and the US, this could be a deal. I would suggest contacting them to be sure so for now I would advise to be careful. At the bottom of this month's box you find what I believe is the easter egg. A quote “What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?” from the movie No Country For Old Men. Very cool little addition. I did have to google it to figure it out.

What do you think of ZBOX?

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