Wine Down Box Review + Coupon Code -October 2017


Wine Down Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers a hand selected bottle of wine, cheese, and a charcuterie pairing. The box is packed and tracked to deliver freshness to the door. An adult must be present to sign for this delivery. The subscription company encourages those receiving the box to get together with someone and enjoy it. The idea is that each box is a chance to savor some quality time with the people in your life. Wine Down expertly curates pairings drawn from the best small batch California wines and delivers them with fresh artisanal cheese, handcrafted charcuterie, and scratch-made crackers.

Each monthly Wine Down Box includes:

  • Limited productions California Wine (1btl)
  • Fresh Artisan Cheese (approx 8 oz.)
  • Delicious Charcuterie (2-5 oz)
  • Handmade Crackers (2 oz)
  • Wine and Cheese Pairing Sheet (pairing specific)

Cost: $70/month - Save with longer plans

Shipping: Included and limited (NO DELIVERY to PO Boxes, or these states: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK, RI, SD, UT and certain zip codes in Florida, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and West Virginia, do not allow for wine delivery). In the summer months shipment is only guaranteed to locations within 2 day ground shipping of San Diego (CA, NV, WA, ID, OR and NM)

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The October Wine Down box includes a beautiful info card. The info card illuminates every detail about the products and why they were specifically selected to go with this month's wine. The card helps the novice understand the pairing. Wine Down Box arrived enclosed in an insulated bag, inside of a high quality cardboard box. The Wine Down box itself is made of fine cardboard, high quality detail and feels super fancy to open.


Each box is packed with shredded paper, and ice packs inside to protect the cheese and charcuterie.


A full boxed size card on top of the box reminds us how Wine Down Box can help us to make memories and encourages consumers to share those experiences with others on Social Media.


The About the Pairing notecard is a helpful tool for experiencing Wine Down Box, it gives detail on the complexity of the individual items and how and why the tastes work together. I found this incredibly delightful going through the tasting and read it aloud to my husband when we sat down to taste.


Cardello Winery 2011 Merlot

The 2011 Merlot from Cardella Winery is a classical beauty. Firm and silky, it opens with herbal notes and aromas of light currant, which are swiftly followed by flavorful red fruit and fresh herb on the palate. The tannins are delicate, with subtle hints of toasted oak throughout.

Alone this wine was very nice, but not something I would normally pick out, it was an interesting one to try.


Plymouth Artisan Cheese Peppercorn Garlic Cheddar

This cheese boasts a vivacious character and creamy texture, with savory elements of onion, garlic, red peppers, and green peppercorn throughout. These flavors balance the notes of herb and currant in the wine, allowing them to work together without one overpowering the other.

This Garlic Peppercorn cheese is smooth and creamy, the flavors are wonderful, and complimented the wine nicely. As suggested it helped bring out the subtle flavors of the wine, and round it out. This is a cheese the whole family enjoyed.


Fine Cured Meats Barolo Salami-Alle-Pia 

This salami features Barolo wine from Italy along with a selection of fresh spices. Known in Italy as Salame al Barolo, this traditional artisan salami is a delicacy that comes from Piemonte in Northern Italy. This salami adds an additional layer of complexity to the pairing and brings a welcome edge to the marbled creaminess of the cheese, while its richness softens the delicate tannins in the wine.

A delicious, fresh Barolo salami. Again, as stated in the pairing card, the salami really helped to soften the wine. The combo of these flavors together heightened my tasting experience and made the time very special.


Nita Crisp Wheat Flattened Bread Cracker

This flatbread cracker can be purchased in cases for $1 a 2 oz bag. The price retail, I estimate would be $3-$5. A very sturdy cracker with a subtle flavor. Great for stacking cheese and salami.


Tonight, after a hectic weekend, I decided to surprise my very tired husband with a mini date night. I plated the Barolo Salami, the Peppercorn Garlic Cheddar Cheese, and the Bread Crackers onto a platter, opened up the bottle of 2011 Cardello Merlot, and asked him to meet me outside on the deck. I read the “About the Pairing” note as we tasted, first the wine on its own, then a bite of cheese with the wine, then the salami with the wine, then a stack of cheese, salami, and cracker with wine. With every bite and sip, the taste experience grew more and more pleasant, until our taste buds were dancing. After a while, we were relaxed, and the experience elevated our time together and truly felt like we had gone on a date….wine down we did! It was super fun, I invited the girls to have cheese and crackers, and they fell fast in love with the cheese and the salami. We gobbled up every morsel.


Wine Down Box is a classy, high-end subscription box that can turn any ordinary night into date night, make a special trip seem even more magical, and would be a wonderful gift for most anyone for any occasion. It is a treat to receive and a treat to experience. Though it does not ship to every state in the United States and limited on geographic delivery based on weather, from reading the company’s web page, they are working to be as accommodating as possible, without breaking any alcohol delivery laws or compromising quality. It appears that the company is always looking for ways to get the box to more people who would like to enjoy it.

Overall, I feel that the thoughtful curation of the box, and selection of top quality ingredients, make Wine Down Box worth the price. The total value of the box equals approx $50 plus cracker cost is ambiguous. I estimate total retail to be $55. The box cost $70, shipping is included. Wine Down Box takes no shortcuts when it comes to preparing the packaging for delivery. Each shipment includes ice packs and is insulated to protect the treasures inside. You can not put a price on the service you receive with this box. You are subscribing and paying for an immaculate and thoughtful curation, of wine, cheese, and fine meats. This subscription box offers an easy and encouraging way to experience ingredients in a way that most of us could not put together on our own, and most importantly you are encouraged to experience this delightful occasion with someone you care about! The food that arrived with my October box easily could have served four, a glass of wine and a nibble...the ideas on where to take this box, how to share it, when to gift it are endless. I recommend the Wine Down Box for anyone that is wine curious, food curious, or looking for a little extra something for a date night, girls night out, or hanging with the guys. Additionally, this is a classy gift for most people for most occasions.

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