Splendies – June Review

Splendies – June Review

I was recently contacted by Splendies to review their new subscription service. I was happy to do so and I am happy to share it with you. Actually they have two different concepts (Splendies and Volupties) which I’ll tell you more about.

Splendies is a monthly subscription that has a surprise package of 3 pairs of undies for $12. It's a hand-picked variety package of boyshorts, briefs, thongs (your size will determine exactly what you’ll receive each month but they promise to mix it up) delivered discreetly to your door every month.

Volupties is a monthly subscription service strictly for plus sizes and women with curves. It's more about discovery and feeling sexy than just about getting undies so because they try to find high-end brand name undies they may cost a bit more ($17 a month), but it saves you the trip to the store and the annoyance of trying to find stores that carry your size.

This review is for Splendies. With Splendies you'll receive your first shipment within days of your order. Change your size any time and cancel anytime as well. They also provide FREE SHIPPING. Splendies was kind enough to give you your first month for only $8. Use promo code: GIRLMEETSBOX

Here is what I received:

Splendies – June Review

Each undie came in its own little bag.

Splendies – June Review

Vision Intimate - These are simple and cute. I like this cut and they're comfy.

Splendies – June Review

PINK Victoria's Secret - A fun and flirty panty. These were even more comfy and didn't feel like I was wearing anything.

Splendies – June Review

Frederick's of Hollywood - Pretty sexy! I love the side detail and the way it laces it up.

I Iike the mix of cute to flirty and sexy and how comfortable they are.

Splendies and Volupties also want you to know how important than anything else is that they provide quality customer service. A couple of other things they would like you to know are:

1. Once they receive an order it gets processed the same day and is guaranteed to ship within 7 days (usually the next day but they like to have some lag time just in case).

2. Every package may vary mainly because of size. If you’re a S or M you will obviously get a different package than someone who is a L or XL. That’s not to say that the quality will be any less (in fact, their whole point is to make sure that regardless of size that you’ll get quality undies!) it’s just that some brands don’t carry certain sizes.

So there you have it - another option for you to get some fun panties every month at your door.

What do you think of this new subscription? Remember you can get your first month for only $8 using promo code: GIRLMEETSBOX

Splendies and Volupties are currently only available for subscribers in the United States.

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