Spice Breeze Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2017


SpiceBreeze Culinary Spice Box is a monthly subscription service for everyone interested in expanding their horizons in the kitchen. You may order a Duo Box with two spice kits or a Quad Box that has four spice kits. Each Spice Breeze kit has recipes from a different country, and is like a trip around the world delivered to your door step. Spice Kits do not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Each spice kit contains recipes for global meals with simple instructions to and easy to follow instructions.


  • Duo Box $5.90/month (USD)
  • Quad Box $11.85/month (USD)

Shipping: US - Free | Canada - $2

Coupon Code: GIRLS10 - Save 10% off your first subscription order!

The flavor kit arrived in a 6” x 9” white envelope and was fairly plain to look at. It can easily blend in with your other mail.

This month’s kit has a beautiful photo of St. George Church, Lalibela, Ethiopia, and is featured because the folks there are celebrating Enkutatash, New Year. Inside the card, there is detailed information about Dill and Makrut Limes.


The Quad box spices come adhered to a folded piece of paper that has descriptions of the spices and how to use them outside of the recipes in the kit. The spices are labeled with the dish title and a (1) or a (2). Then, inside the envelope, you find recipe cards that correspond with the numbered spices. One excellent feature about the recipe cards is that if you fold it in half, it will stand up like a table tent for easy viewing. Inside is the recipe and on the back are key features of the significance of the dish, and the ingredients for the two spice packets for each dish.

The recipes are easy to follow and ingredients can be found at most stores. The spice packets are vibrant in color, smell terrific and tempt you to begin your culinary adventure as soon as you open the envelope!

Tibs-Ethiopian Spice Kit

Most of the Ethiopian meals require endless hours of hand-on time in the kitchen. Tibs is a convenient exception. Meat and vegetables are quickly fried in seasoned butter and berbere spice blend. Berbere is quite hot, though indispensable to get the authentic flavor.

Two spice packets are included for this Ethiopian dish.

Tibs (1): Cardamom, cumin, nigella, fenugreek
Tibs (2): Cayenne, coriander, rue, cardamom, cumin, garlic, fenugreek, onion, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt, ginger, long pepper, cumin, nigella, basil

IMG_Sep302017at100141AM.jpgRougail-La Reunion Culinary Spice Kit

This dish is one of the most well-known specialties from the cultural melting pot La Réunion. La Réunion is not a country, but a region of France.

For this La Réunion favorite, there are two spice packets included in the kit.

Rougail (1): Thyme, turmeric, bay leaves
Rougail (2): Makrut lime leaves


This is the recipe that I made from my home. I whipped this up in less than 30 minutes. My husband used Google Earth to zoom in on this French region and it was amazing that it was the tiniest place that inspired such a bold tasting dish in our home… We loved the feeling we had looking at the map, there is most likely no other way I would experience this dish in my life, I felt like we had gone on a mini vacation. Delicious!


Röt med Pepparrotssas-Swedish Culinary Spice Kit

Pepparrotssasas is a traditional Scandinavian horseradish sauce. It is especially popular in Sweden served with smoked or boiled fish, beef, or vegetables. Horseradish in the form of powder creates a subtle pungency that doesn’t burn like fresh grated horseradish.


Two spice packets are included to make this Swedish favorite.

Rökt med Pepparrotssas (1): Horseradish
Rökt med Pepparrotssas (2): Organic dill weed

Rendang-Indonesian Culinary Spice Kit

The recipe card includes a quick version of the usually slow cooked favorite. Indonesian Rendang is one of the most delicious meals of the world (voted by CNN Readers).

There are two spice packets to make this Indonesian treat.

Rendang (1): Lemongrass, galangai, makrut lime leaves, coriander, turmeric
Rendang (2): Red chile flakes


I really enjoyed this month’s Spice Breeze Quad Box! I was reminded of a time when my husband and I were dating, we selected countries from a travel book we were going to use for weekly food themes. The idea did not last long, because we could not source the ingredients including spices to go with the menus we had to figure out...Spice Breeze is our solution! Tonight in the kitchen we rekindled the excitement we once had for tasting new foods. I am in love with the Quad kit! The directions are easy to read, the ingredients are easy to source, and every meal should take 30 minutes or less of kitchen time. I enjoy learning about new places and these spices and recipes definitely get my traveling mind thinking. As in the past, I would have loved a map marked with stars to indicate where on the globe these recipes originate. Having the spice kits on hand makes it easy to have a very creative meal without using your own imagination! I recommend trying this kit if you are itching to travel but are not able, or if you need a bit of a boost in the kitchen. Spice Breeze does a great job of educating subscribers on how to use and provides access to ordering the spices outside of the kit.

What do you think of Spice Breeze?

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