Spice Breeze Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code – August 2017

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SpiceBreeze Culinary Spice Box is a monthly subscription service for everyone interested in expanding their horizons in the kitchen. You may order a Duo Box with two spice kits or a Quad Box that has four spice kits. Each Spice Breeze kit has recipes from a different country, and is like a trip around the world delivered to your door step. I had the opportunity to review the Quad Box. The August kit was full of four vibrant spice kits with recipe cards, pictures and information about the dish and the region it originates. Spice Kits do not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Each spice kit contains recipes for global meals with simple instructions to and easy to follow instructions.


  • Duo Box $5.90/month (USD)
  • Quad Box $11.85/month (USD)

Shipping: US - Free | Canada - $2

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The flavor kit arrived in a 6” x 9” white envelope and was fairly plain to look at. It can easily blend in with your other mail. It had two nice stamps on the front that made me smile.


The kit came with a welcome card that was nice and cheery. It had a large August feature flyer for South Africa, one of the spice kits seemed to have a recipe from there, the others were from other regions. This was a little confusing for me at first as I was thinking that it was going to be a common theme for the whole kit based on the high-end flyer highlighting a photo from Bo-Kaap, Cape Town South Africa.

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The Quad Box spices come adhered to a folded piece of paper that has descriptions of the spices and how to use them outside of the recipes in the kit. The spices are labeled with the dish title and a (1) or a (2). Then, inside the envelope, you find recipe cards that correspond with the numbered spices. One excellent feature about the recipe cards is that if you fold it in half, it will stand up like a table tent for easy viewing. Inside is the recipe and on the back are key features of the significance of the dish, and the ingredients for the two spice packets for each dish.

The recipes are easy to follow and ingredients can be found at most stores. The spice packets are vibrant in color, smell terrific and tempt you to begin your culinary adventure as soon as you open the envelope!

Sosaties-South African Culinary Spice Kit

Sosaties are marinated skewers from the Cape Malay which became staples in many South African homes. Its flavor is fragrant and spicy, but not hot. It comes with Bird’s eye chilis as well, to add as much heat as you like!


Two spice packets are included for this South African dish.

Sosatie (1): This is a mixture of: Orange peel, bay leaf, finfer, yellow mustard, coriander, curry leaf, turmeric, fenugreek, onion, cayenne pepper, cumin, cilantro, garlic, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon.
Sosatie (2): Bird’s eye Chili

This is the recipe that I made from my home so far. My husband and I spend a great deal of time food prepping, and usually have all meals on hand...not tonight! I looked around at what I had in my refrigerator, and I had everything that was needed to pull this recipe off! I used chicken and marinated for the minimum of two hours before baking in the oven. The results? DIVINE! My home while making the simple marinade and then again while baking, smelled delicious. I opted out of using the Bird’s Eye Chili because the spice blend was so amazing and has a tiny bit of heat in it already from the Cayenne. As you can see, we have enough for a solid two meals each with this one recipe!


Kabob Koobideh-Persian Culinary Spice Kit

Kabob Koobideh is the most popular grilled ground meat in Iran and around the Persian Gulf. The meat needs only small amounts of sumac and turmeric. Sumac is also a common table condiment, often mixed with salt.

Two spice packets are included to make this Persian favorite. This kit contains spices for making more than just this recipe. The Spice Breeze social media channels will post more recipes that use these spice throughout the month.

Koobideh (1): Sumac
Koobideh (2): Turmeric

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Tandoori Chicken-Indian Culinary Spice Kit

Well-known Tandoori Chicken develops its flavor in a fragrant Yogurt-marinade. In contrast to the typical dish in Indian Restaurants, this spice blend included ajowan, a common Indian Spice. Ajowan has a thyme-anise like taste, slightly bitter and nutty.

There are two spice packets to make this Indian treat.

Tandoori (1): Paprika, ajowan, Kashmiri chili, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, cumin, white pepper, coriander.
Tandoori (2): Cayenne


Ratatouille-French Culinary Spice Kit

Ratatouille is a famous vegetable stew from Provence, a French region which spreads along the South Mediterranean coast. It’s seasoned with Herbes de Provence, including the not so common herb, European hyssop. This ‘holy herb’ has a minty, slightly bitter, but pleasurable taste, different from North American anise hyssop.

For this French favorite, there are two spice packets included in the kit.

Ratatouille (1): Thyme, rosemary, savory, oregano, sage, marjoram
Ratatouille (2): European Hyssop


I really enjoyed my first edition of the SpiceBreeze Quad Box! This subscription service would be an excellent gift for any friend or family member who likes to cook! The directions are easy to ready, the ingredients are easy to source, and every meal should take 30 minutes or less of kitchen time. I appreciate that as a working mom. At first, my brain was trying to make sense of how the recipe kits connected, and well, they really do not. I would have loved a map marked with stars to indicate where on the globe these recipes originate. My two daughters were extremely interested to learn that different places in the world have different staples. Having the spice kits on hand makes it easy to have a very creative meal without using your own imagination! The thinking, the blending of spices is beyond unbelievable. Like tonight, when I cooked the Sosatie dish, without Spice Breeze I would have had cereal to eat, because I would not have had the much-needed complex spice mixtures or even a sense of how to make this dish. The Spice Breeze kit took ordinary to extraordinary! Spice Breeze is more than a culinary adventure, more that a taste experience, it is a geography lesson that inspires curiosity. I recommend trying this kit if you are itching to travel but are not able, or if you need a bit of a boost in the kitchen. Spice Breeze does a great job of educating subscribers on how to use and provides access to ordering the spices outside of the kit.

What do you think of Spice Breeze?

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