Skoshbox Review – June 2015

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

Skoshbox is monthly subscription box of Japanese snacks and candies. They offer 2 different boxes:

  • SKOSHBOX: Our original monthly box filled with sample-sized treats. Fits into any standard PO Box or College Dorm Box.
  • DEKABOX: Our larger monthly box filled with full-sized treats. Upgrade to include a mystery accessory item for just $2/month!


  • Skoshbox – $12/month (US), $18.99/month (Canada)
  • Dekabox – $24/month (US only)

Ships: Canada & US.

I reviewed the Dekabox not long ago and was really impressed with the presentation and the snacks.

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

This the original Skoshbox:

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

Again, I just love the packaging and info card - professional and appealing!

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

Cheese Umaibo Stick

Cheese flavoured puffed corn stick.

Honey Nut Pretz Sticks

Sweet and nutty biscuit sticks. Each box has 2 packets of Pretz Sticks.

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

Anpanman Soft Senbei

Sweet shoyu rice cracker sticks.

Super Mario Gum + Card Game

Soda gum and card matching game (match the character photos, collect all designs!).

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

Sylvene Mini Cake Slice

A tiny slice of cake that's adorable and pretty tasty.

Rubella Cigars

Buttery cigar style cookies.

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

Super Energy Fizzing Candy

Energy drink fizzing candies that are sure to wake you up!

Home Pie: Cookie Layers

Flaky pie snack with cookie cluster layers!

Skoshbox Review – June 2015

What I like most about Skoshbox is how they list the name of each product in English and what it is. I like to know what I'm eating before I eat it, so they score points with me for that! Unfortunately, the value is just under $12. I'm disappointed with the value (especially for Canadian customers), but if you like these unique snacks then the value might be there for you. It would be nice if they were able to ship the Dekabox to Canada, I found it had a better value.

What do you think of Skoshbox?

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