Skoshbox – June Review

Skoshbox - June Review
Are you getting bored with the same old candy? Would you like to try something a little different? What about candy from a completely different country or continent for that matter? Well there’s a new subscription box that might be for you. Skoshbox delivers monthly straight-from-Japan goods that include candies, snacks, stationery, and fun items that are sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re a seasoned Japanese candy expert or fascinated with the fun and often unusual tastes of Japan (wasabi flavored kitkats anyone?) they guarantee that you’ll love the handpicked selections you receive each month. It’s like getting a box of omiyage each month from your distant Japanese relative!

Skoshbox offered to send me a box to review and I was more than pleased to get to try this fun box! They are now taking orders through July 15th for their first box, which will arrive at your doorstep on August 1st! They have provided me with a coupon code for you to receive a free mystery gift in your first box!

Coupon Code: GRLBOX11

- Skoshbox is $12/month
- Shipping is ALWAYS free
- Cancel anytime for any reason

Here's what was inside:


A soft chewy (and highly addictive) fruit candy. This was originally developed as an ‘edible chewing gum’ to avoid bad manners of spitting out your gum.

These remind me of Starburst candy.


Milky candy may not seem initially appealing, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its milkshakey taste!

I really like this one. Milky, creamy flavour and not too sweet.


A classic fruity bubble gum favorite, especially with kids in Japan. The burst of flavor will surprise you!

This has a soft texture and has a strong orange flavour.

Skoshbox - June Review


A puffed corn snack that comes in array of food flavors like takoyaki, shrimp & mayonnaise, pizza and curry.

I had no idea which flavours I got. I got nervous deciding which one to try first. I went for the green one and it was alright, but I still can’t tell you what flavour it was lol! It could’ve been curry maybe? Oh wait I think it was the shrimp. Not liking the after taste.

Skoshbox - June Review


The classic baked rice cracker, crispy and seasoned with a hint of shoyu. This is a popular snack to serve to you guests at home with green tea.

Definite rice cracker taste and has a salty flavour. I liked it.

Skoshbox - June Review


Chocolate cream filled cookies! Did you know there are 365 koala cookie designs?

How cute are these?! My son ate these up too, so you know they're good.

Skoshbox - June Review

Skoshbox - June Review


A mix of spicy rice crackers and peanuts. Kaki no tane means persimmon seeds because the crackers look just like it!

These I'm going to keep in my bag for when I need a quick little snack.

Skoshbox - June Review


Chocoball is a chocolate ball with a peanut in the center. This snack along with its cute mascot “Kyorochan” is one of the most recognized names among Japanese snacks.

Chocolate and peanut together - another treat for little man.


Japanese erasers are life-changing. You’re welcome


Candy coated chocolates, similar to M&Ms. You decide which one you like better!

They taste exactly like M&Ms. I couldn’t tell the difference.

Skoshbox - June Review


Chocolate bars with a green tea filling, and two savory centers: azuki and cream!

Hmm..not sure what to make of this chocolate bar, but this too will get eaten by the chocolate lovers around here.

Skoshbox - June Review

Overall this was a fun box to try! I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, but I really enjoyed trying all these new candies. This would also be a cool gift for someone who does have a sweet tooth. I think this box is well worth the price. However, I am very sorry to say that this box only ships within the U.S. right now. I know Canadians, hopefully soon they will ship here too. What do you think of Skoshbox? Are you going to sign up for this subscription box? Remember if you use my code you get a free mystery gift in your box!

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