Sizzi Glam Bag Review – July 2015

Sizzi Glam Bag Review + Coupon Code – July 2015

Sizzi Glam Bag is a new Canadian beauty subscription. Each month you’ll receive 4-5 hand-picked beauty products (plus a cosmetic bag), so that you can discover the beauty products that are really worth the splurge.

Cost: $14/month – Shipping included.

Ships: Canada only.

This is only Sizzi's second month. I review last month's bag which was good, so I was hoping this one would be even better! Every month you'll get a new Glam Bag to go with your products. I don't like this month's bag at all, but it's the products inside that matter most.

Sizzi Glam Bag Review + Coupon Code – July 2015

Volume Clubbing Absolute Mascara (Disco Blue)

I like getting new mascaras, but this one is in blue which is too bad. I only use black or brown mascaras.

Sizzi Glam Bag Review + Coupon Code – July 2015

Hard Candy Lipstick (Lolita)

This shade of brown isn't really for me, but what bothers me most is that the lipstick is not sealed and possibly looks like old stock. The label is peeling off and there's a stain on the ribbon.

Sizzi Glam Bag Review + Coupon Code – July 2015

Liquid Eye Liquid-Like Eye Liner Pencil (Purple)

This is a gel based liner that has the impact of liquid liner. It says waterproof and smudge-proof, but I did a swatch and it smudges very easily. I don't see it staying put all day. I do like the dark purpley-black shimmer though.

Sizzi Glam Bag Review + Coupon Code – July 2015

Technix Hide It!! Concealer Palette

This palette corrects uneven skin tone, covers blemishes, and acts as a highlighter. I'm not familiar with this brand and I don't use concealers like this, but I might give it a try.

Sizzi Glam Bag Review + Coupon Code – July 2015

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Well this is better! I like this brand and it exfoliates and cleanses the skin to restore the natural glow beneath.

Sizzi Glam Bag Review + Coupon Code – July 2015

Unfortunately, this month's Sizzi Glam Bag fell short for me. It is an excellent value, but I will only use 1 product out of the 5. Besides Clarins, I'm not thrilled with the brands included either. On a side note, I've heard some not very positive things about Sizzi and it makes me wonder about the direction of this company. Customers have complained of old and used products along with unsatisfactory customer service. I'm hoping that these are just growing pains and that things improve for Sizzi. I am curious to know how other subscribers experience with them has been so far.

What do you think of Sizzi Glam Bag?

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