Popbasic Amelie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

Popbasic Amèlie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

Popbasic is a unique fashion service that helps build your style, one micro collection at a time. When you purchase a three-piece micro collection, you will not be locked into a monthly subscription. Every month a new micro collection is released. All collections will cost between $50-$100 each month, along with free shipping. Prices for each collection will depend on use of fabrics, seasons and pieces included in each collection.

November’s “Amèlie Collection” features 3 pieces – Le Breton Dress, Silver Tube Necklace, and Infinity Knot Bracelet. With each collection you receive a style/product info card, along with a bonus beauty item, and a thank you note from Maddy, Popbasic’s co-founder.

Popbasic Amèlie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

Cost: $70 + Free worldwide shipping!

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Le Breton Dress

I pretty much wanted this collection only for this dress. It's so cute and easy to wear! It'll work with most body types. It's lightweight, very comfortable and I love the pockets. Unfortunately, my dress wasn't sewn properly and the stripes on the upper body go diagonally. Easy mistake to make if you're not paying attention, but I can't wear the dress like this. Thankfully, Popbasic has amazing customer service and will be sending me a new dress!

Popbasic Amèlie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

Silver Tube Necklace 

A very simple necklace that seems way overpriced. It's not something I would buy on its own, mostly because I don't wear silver jewelry. I may end up gifting it.

Popbasic Amèlie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

Infinity Knot Bracelet

This is a cool bracelet and I don't have anything like it. It'll look great stacked with other bracelets.

Popbasic Amèlie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

Bonus Necklace

This necklace was a bonus accessory for those who ordered the collection on the day it was released. I actually love it way more than the other one and even though it's silver I'll be wearing it for sure!

Popbasic Amèlie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

Cailyn Mineral Eyeshadow (Orchid)

Each collection will usually have a bonus beauty item. This is a gorgeous mineral eyeshadow with a built-in sponge tip! This shade is perfect with my eye colour!

Popbasic Amèlie Collection Review + Discount – November 2014

For the most part, I'm very happy with this collection and I'm very relieved I'll be getting a replacement dress. I can't wait to wear the dress next spring and summer! I really love this fashion service! Since I'm a SAHM I can't always go out when I want to update my wardrobe, so Popbasic has really helped me out in this department! I look forward to it each month! I don't think Popbasic have ever done a pair of pants and I would love to see them do a pair in an upcoming collection. What do you think?

Did you get the Popbasic Amèlie collection? It's still available if you are interested and you can get it for $55 with my discount. What do you think of Popbasic?

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