Panty Fly Review – April Review

Panty Fly Review

I received my first order from Panty Fly and was curious to see what they had sent me. If you don’t know, Panty Fly is a panty subscription where you can get 3 pairs / month for $7 or get a 3 month plan for $15. I signed up for the 3 month plan, at that price I couldn’t resist. They have 3 different memberships: Barely There, Sleek & Sexy, and Mix & Match.

The Barely There underwear membership boasts thongs, and string bikini styles, and others similar to the pictures below. This membership is traditionally a little more revealing. This line is mostly made from cotton blends. The styles and patterns are guaranteed to be sexy and stylish.

Panty Fly Review

The Sleek & Sexy underwear membership is a stylish underwear designed with comfort in mind. For those women that are active and need to know they are covered. More coverage doesn’t mean less style. We manage to keep you comfortable and looking good with this line of underwear.

Panty Fly Review

The Mix It Up package combines the best of both, we mix and match the styles from both our Barely There line and Sleek and Sexy. Combined we send you a variety from month to month. So your underwear drawer is never dull.

I chose the Sleek & Sexy membership. Shipping is $1 and is pretty fast, I got them within a week. There’s no fancy packaging here. They just come in a large envelope. I got three different styles in three different colours. They’re made by American Apparel. I got red, pink, and orange. I like the reds one and they’re what I expected from the pictures from the website, but the pink (I’m not a pink girl at all) and orange were just ok.

I wished I had received ones like they had tweeted recently:

Panty Fly Review

Unfortunately mine were too small, but they do have a one time exchange policy for free which will come with next month’s order. If you want them sooner you can pay a $3 fee. Overall I think it’s a really good deal and kind of like the surprise of not knowing what you’re getting, but I really hope next month is better in style and colour. It would be nice if they at least let you have a little control over colour choices.

Have any on you subscribed to Panty Fly? What do you think?

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