Indiestylebox – April Review

 Indiestylebox – April Review

After waiting for over a month for this subscrition box, my Indiestylebox finally arrived. Indiestylebox is a bi-monthly beauty box from Germany. Their box is an elaborated mix of handmade, self-crafted and rare products. They support independent (indie) companies to get their names and products out there. These products are mostly handmade and made with love and care. It costs $19.90 / month.

I discovered this box on another review blog and was impressed, so I thought I would give them a try and I’m always happy to support small companies.

Well when I received the package, I couldn’t believe how it was sent. It came in a large plain envelope (nothing wrong with that) but, it looked like a child wrote the address on it. I still didn’t know what it was until I opened it and saw this plain lime green box inside. Hmmm, who is this from I thought. Opened the box and saw the product sheet enclosed and realized it was the Indiestylebox. I’m sorry, but I laughed at the packaging. I mean talk about not taking any pride in your product, this was sad! At first glance of the products I knew this was a waste of my money. These are handmade products alright and not in a good way. Half of the labels were peeling off and just looked like cheap quality. At least with the other reviewer, her’s came in this cute polka dot box with a bow. Here’s mine:

 Indiestylebox – April Review

So onto the products which I’m not going to spend too much time talking about, they are:

 Indiestylebox – April Review

1. Deluxe Perfume Oil - Violet
Scent By The Sea - $12.49 / 1/8 oz

It has a light scent - I don’t hate, but don’t love it.

2. Nail Polish - Pinkie Promise
TwentySevenPolish - $8.33 / 15 ml

A tacky pink nail polish, not for me.

3. Body Butter - Raven’s Blend
Purplecat Creatives - $6.77 / size ?

This is how they describe the scent it: Fresh brewed coffee blended with dark chocolate, warm caramel, aromatic hazelnuts, almonds and cream. Dark, sultry and sophisticated. Not something I would use, but it really does smell like those things.

 Indiestylebox – April Review

4. Herbal Healing Salve
Natures Purity Bath - $3.12 / .33 oz

This is a nice and gentle, natural salve made with all natural ingredients. A great moisturizer for very dry skin. Something to use if you get dry patches I suppose.

5. Vegan Body Lotion
Right As Rain Creations - $10.41 / 8 oz

The only thing good about this is it's vegan. Bad scent and didn't like the way it absorbed.

6. Mineral Loose Eyeshadow - Armour
Allechant Mineral Cosmetics - $?

A highly pigmented eyeshadow in a rusty-coral shade. I like the colour.

7. Sweet Magic Body Mist
Bath And Body By Sheer - $12 / 4 oz

Sort of has a fresh scent to it, kind of hard to describe and hard to find, because the website address was wrong on info sheet. Eventually I found it elsewhere.

Overall I am extremely disappointed, from the presentation to the products. Aside from the Healing Salve and Eyeshadow, the rest is crap! (Sorry for being so harsh, but I call'em like I see'em). I mean I know these are small companies, but I’d be embarrassed to sell this kind of box. Oh well, at least now I know, but if you are still interested in these products they can all be found on, with the exception of #7 which you can find at

I’m dying to know if others have subscribed to this box and what you thought of it. Please let me know. Thanks.

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