MistoBox – May Review

MistoBox – May Review

My May MistoBox arrived the other day and first off I want to say right away, I LOVE their packaging. I just thought it was the cutest box within a box. This was my first box so, I didn’t know how their packaging looked. It was a nice surprise to see that there was some thought and effort behind it. I loved everything about it.

MistoBox – Packaging

MistoBox – May Review

MistoBox – Beautiful Packaging

So what is MistoBox? It’s a coffee subscription! Before ever having children, I was a coffee fiend. Several cups a day. All that changed once I became pregnant for the first time. After having two babies in two years, I kind of cut coffee out all together. Now I’m back to drinking a reasonable two cups a day. I am by no means a coffee expert, but I know what I like and what I don’t. When I discovered MistoBox I didn’t hesitate to sign up. This will give me a chance to discover new flavours and explore different roasters I probably would’ve never known. Also, they have a good deal for your first box when you sign up.

They have two types of subscriptions:

1. Four 1.7 ounce bags of whole bean coffee.

First box - $5 (US) or $10 (CAN)

After first month: $15 / month (US) or $23 / month (CAN)

2. Four 3.4 oz. bags of whole bean coffee.

First Box - $10 (US) or $20*(CAN)

After first month: $30 / month (US) or $35 / month (CAN)

MistoBox tastes and evaluates more than 50 coffees every month from different artisan roasters across the country. Then they hand select four of the most delicious and unique single origin coffees to send you. You’ll never get the same coffee twice, so every box will bring new, interesting flavor profiles. MistoBox includes info cards letting you know the origin of each coffee and who the Roaster is. MistoBox wants you to have fun and experiment with coffee. I am so down with that was excited to see what types of coffee they had selected this month.

I chose the smaller package and here’s what I received:

Coava - Ethiopia Kochere

MistoBox – Coava - Ethiopia Kochere

Tasting notes of delicate black tea, dark chocolate, and sweet lemon.

Bowtruss - Ethiopia Natural Sidama

MistoBox – Bowtruss - Ethiopia Natural Sidama

Subtle floral and jasmine aromas open up to tart blackberry and cherry and finishes with balanced, rich cocoa.

Verve - Colombia San Jose

MistoBox – Verve - Colombia San Jose

Tasting notes of orange peel, brûlée, complex.

Cartel - Santa Ines

MistoBox – Cartel - Santa Ines

This coffee is sweet, crisp, and refined. Vanilla and refined-sugar provide the sweet base, with a crisp, juicy acidity and subtle tropical notes.

I am eager to try all of it. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware that all the coffee in the MistoBox subscription is whole bean and...I don’t have a coffee grinder. Haha funny, but not really cause I wanted to drink it right away. So keep that in mind if you subscribe. If you don’t have a grinder, you can purchase one off their website along with any other coffee goods. Do you subscribe to MistoBox? What do you think of this box? Remember you can get your first box for as little as $10 CAN. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy a coffee grinder.

*Estimated price.

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