Beauty Box 5 Review – May 2013

Beauty Box 5 - May Review

Finally my Beauty Box 5 arrived. It was delayed this month for whatever reason. It may take longer to get to me some months, but at least I’m aware of it and not wondering where it is. Beauty Box 5 delivers 4-5 hand picked samples to your door every month. Your Beauty Box will contain items like makeup, skin care products, hair care products, fragrances and a few other surprises. They are one of the most affordable subscription boxes out there and I’ve been for the most part consistently happy with them. These are the prices:

1 month: $12
3 months: $30
1 year: $100

This month wasn’t much of a surprise for me. I did end up seeing some spoilers, so I knew what to expect. Here what was in the box this month:

Beauty Box 5 - May Review

Coolway Transform Styling Spray
$24.95 / 6.7 oz

Beauty Box 5 - May Review

Want to cut your blow-drying time in half? Maybe you want to reduce hot tool styling damage? Just spray Transform on clean towel-dried hair and blowdry or style as usual.

When I saw this I was couldn’t believe the size. It’s a huge sample. I will get plenty of uses out of this. Included was the spray pump for it. This is different than what you usually get in their box, so it was a nice change. I’m hoping it works just as well if not better than the KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry I got in my last Luxebox.

Brazen Cosmetics Ultra Glaze Lip Gloss - La Femme


Beauty Box 5 - May Review

This creamy formula will deliver a long lasting wear that will have you hooked! Apply alone for a slight hint of color or layer over lipstick for a bolder look.

This is one of the standard brands in Beauty Box 5. I usually get the eye shadows, but this is my first Brazen lip gloss. This is a nice shimmery coral colour. Great colour for summer!

La Fresh Deodorant Wipes
$19.90 / 48 packets

Beauty Box 5 - May Review

Let’s face it, we all occasionally miss a step in our morning routine. Well problem solved! Pack a few of these discrete little deodorant wipes in your purse or stash a stack in your desk for those potentially fragrant forgetful days. Simply unfold the wipe and apply.

Hello old friend! We meet again. I’ve received so many La Fresh samples from different subscription boxes. I think they’re alright, but to me they should just be considered as an extra and not count for one of the actual items in the box. I haven’t received these ones before, so that’s good and they will come in handy.

Jean Pierre Tanning Towelettes
$8.99 / 10 towelettes

Beauty Box 5 - May Review

Summer’s on its way beauties...time to get your tan on the safe way! For that natural bronze glow, apply this handy little towelette in a circular motion to dry clean skin. For a deeper bronze, just wait 2-3 hours and follow the same steps with another towelette.

I use self-tanners/bronzers in the summer, but have never used wipes. I feel the same way about these as I do the La Fresh wipes. This shouldn’t count as one of the items in the box. I don’t know how much one wipe will cover, but it looks to me I’ll be lucky if I get one whole leg done with one wipe. I got two, so I hope it will be enough to get full coverage on both legs. We will see..and it better be not be streaky results.

Model Co. Black Eyeliner
$18 - one size

Beauty Box 5 - May Review

Effortless application, amazing staying power and hydration from an eyeliner? Nothing beats Model Co’s Color Box Black Eye Pencil!

I don’t really wear black eyeliner. Sometimes I’ll use black liquid liner, but I don’t really like how black pencil liner looks on me. Another item I received one too many times from other boxes. That’s ok, I’ll just gift it.

So in all, this month is ok. I really like the Coolway Spray, great product and great size. The rest didn’t do too much for me.

I would like to comment on something that does really bother me about Beauty Box 5 and that’s the website. They need to really do something about it. It’s not user friendly. It doesn’t matter what browser I use, I always have to log in more than once. It never works on the first try. I had issues last month when I tried to upgrade my membership and had no idea if it worked. It doesn’t state if you’re account is now upgraded. I go back to my account status to see what it says and nothing. I emailed customer service and OMG that’s another thing. They take forever to get back to you. It’s ridiculous! I was finally notified that yes, my subscription is upgraded, but they really need to improve their website. I don’t want that to discourage anyone from subscribing, because even though they are not as popular as some other subscription boxes, it is still a decent subscription. With all the controversy with subscription boxes lately and the closing of Glossybox Canada, a lot of people are more reluctant with good reason, to not sign up for long term subscriptions. I first signed up with Beauty Box 5 for 3 months and upgraded to the annual membership. I am comfortable with that decision, but I know anything can happen at any time with subscription boxes, so you kind of have to keep that in mind.

What do you think of the box this month? Here is my Beauty Box 5 link if you are interested.

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