LittleEcoFootprint – July Review

LittleEcoFootprint - July Review

I always look forward to my LittleEcoFootprint box. Each month your LittleEcoFootprint membership box will be delivered to your doorstep containing the highest quality products for your little one. Products could range from kid friendly lotions and washes, to non-toxic toys and organic snacks and treats for your little one. Each box is hand-selected and age specific products are tailored to the age of your child. I love these type of subscription boxes. I wish there were more of them available to us Canadians.

Monthly subscriptions are $29 which automatically renews every month until cancelled.

This month’s theme was “Cottage Fun”.

Eco People on the Go - Board Book

Eco People on the Go - Board Book (LittleEcoFootprint - July Review)

Toddlers discover environmentally friendly ways to get around in this adorable lift-the-flap board book with playful rhymes and illustrations by author-illustrator Jan Gerardi.

Since receiving this book we’ve been reading it non-stop. My son enjoys singing the words with me.

Little Duck Organics - Tiny Fruit
$5.89 (each)

Little Duck Organics - Tiny Fruit (LittleEcoFootprint - July Review)

Little Duck Organics makes no-sugar-added snacks using the most nutritious ingredients out there. No Biggie. All they had to do was use real, freeze-dried fruit while leaving out the nasty little gremlins that they put in other stuff like added sugars, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. They are perfect wholesome snack for your infant or toddler.

Both of my boys love these snacks and I’m glad we got two bags - one for each of them.

Eucalan - No Rinse Wash
$5 / 3.3 oz

Eucalan - No Rinse Wash (LittleEcoFootprint - July Review)

No Rinse Delicate Wash. Cleans & softens all fine washables with amazing results and no rinsing. Concentrate fiber restoring lanolin. A perfect gift and handy for traveling. 20 hand washes.

I’m looking forward to trying this. I sometimes hand wash clothing, so it’s good to have a new product to use.

The Snack Trap - The Anti-Spill Cup

The Snack Trap - The Anti-Spill Cup (LittleEcoFootprint - July Review)

The Snack-Trap helps prevents spills when the cup is knocked, dropped or thrown! The Snack-Trap is Bisphenol A-Free, PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free and Latex-Free.

We have a similar one that I got from another subscription box and now we have two which is perfect, because now the boys each have one. I love these cups so much, less spills makes me happy!

Graydon - Clinical Luxury by Nature - Outdoor Spray
$7.50 / 2 oz

Graydon - Clinical Luxury by Nature - Outdoor Spray (LittleEcoFootprint - July Review)

All natural spray to keep the bugs away.

I really like that these are all natural ingredients. This will be great to use when we’re at the grandparents who have a huge backyard. They tend to end up with bug bites, so this is great. - Gift Card
$10 - Gift Card (LittleEcoFootprint - July Review)

Nice that this was included, but I won’t use it. When you have to pay extra for shipping - forget it.

Another good box from LittleEcoFootprint. A nice variety of useful products, so I’m happy. I really recommend this box for parents and the fact that they’re all eco-friendly products is just a bonus! It would also make a great gift! What do you think of LittleEcoFootprint?

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