Lip Factory Inc. – July Review

Lip Factory Inc. - July Review

This month marks Lip Factory Inc.’s first anniversary. I love getting anniversary boxes, because they usually are a bit more special. Although a lot of people thought this month would be a strictly “lip product” box, it wasn’t. Actually there were hardly any lip products which seemed a little odd, but I’m not complaining. Since I have started my Lip Factory Inc. subscription I have thoroughly enjoyed each box. It is definitely one of my favourite beauty boxes. You always get at least 6-7 products, more than the usual beauty box and a lot of them full size. It costs $26 CDN or $22 US.

Lip Factory Inc. - July Review

It’s always a good thing to see that not all the products fit in the box - some were in the outer box.

NCLA Nail Wraps - It Don’t Matter

NCLA Nail Wraps - It Don’t Matter (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

This was the first product I saw when I opened the box that wasn’t in the inner box. Cool, I haven’t tried nail wraps and have wanted to. I love the patterns on these and the black and white. I hope they’re easy to apply.

29 Cosmetics Lip Liner - Brix

29 Cosmetics Lip Liner - Brix (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

I really liked the 29 Cosmetics lipstick we got in last month’s box (BTW I received a replacement lipstick since the one I got was all busted up - Thanks LFI). I’m happy to have a lip liner by 29 Cosmetics. This is a colour I don’t have. Sort of a brick red, which explains the name. I really like it!  Oh this totally reminds me of what they used for a photo shoot I did (I recently did a photo shoot with a hair stylist who entered a hair competition. When I get my photos maybe I'll get enough courage to share them with you). We did a ombre lip which was gorgeous! Do any of you like the ombre lips? I love it - when it's well done. Wow I just realized how expensive it is. I definitely wouldn’t buy this, but glad I got it!

Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil

Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

This was also nice to get, but I already have too much cuticle oil on hand right now. I’ll see how it measures up to the ones I have.

LASplash Nail Polish - Blowfish

LASplash Nail Polish - Blowfish (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

OK, so if you’ve been reading my blog you now I’m not the biggest nail polish lover. I mean I totally love seeing well done nails, but I just don’t have the patience to do it. With that said though, I have been doing my nails more lately. I’ve been having some fun with bright colours too. I’m liking this colour and think I’ll actually do my nails with it soon *Gasp*!

LASplash Cosmetics Smoky Eyeshadow Duo - Heavy Metal

LASplash Cosmetics Smoky Eyeshadow Duo - Heavy Metal (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

Sparkling black shades to give you the ultimate smoky eye! I love a sexy smoky eye. It’s all about the blending and the right brushes. I’m excited to try this!

PureCeuticals Clarifying Creme

PureCeuticals Clarifying Creme (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

This is a lightweight, non-comedogenic gel creme that absorbs quickly into the skin. I prefer gel creams for my face, I find it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

Belleme Cosmetics - Don’t Smudge Eye Liner (Black)

Belleme Cosmetics - Don’t Smudge Eye Liner (Black) (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

This is a smudge resistant water proof eyeliner. It comes with a built-in sharpener to help maintain the tip. Seems like a great eyeliner, but it’s not something I need or want, so off to the gift pile it goes.

Blender Sponge

Blender Sponge (Lip Factory Inc. - July Review)

Now that I have some experience with blender sponges I do like them. I find that you get a better application if you dab the sponge to apply foundation.

As you can see this box has a lot of great products and you’re are getting your money’s worth for sure! I can’t say enough about how much I think Lip Factory Inc. is one of the best beauty boxes out there! The have great customer service and really care about their subscribers. I plan on staying with them for a long time to come.

I should let you know that LFI have branched out and are starting a new division in the company called CandiGirl. It’s for girls ages 5-12. CandiGirl is an age appropriate quarterly box that every young girl will want to experience. Think it's all about makeup? Not with CandiGirl! It's filled with varied handpicked items that she will fall in love with. It is $22 per quarter and will launch in November. You can sign up to be on the waiting list here.

What do you think of Lip Factory Inc.? Do you subscribe? If you’re interested in subscribing please consider using my referral number: 384739

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