Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Little Life Box, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a healthy lifestyle subscription box. Each Little Life Box that is delivered to your doorstep each month gives you the opportunity to sample and experience new green, organic healthy sample-sized products in a convenient and fun way that saves you money. Discover brands and products which you never would have otherwise and that compliment your lifestyle and values.

Cost: $19.99 / month + $3 shipping. Ships to Canada only.

Promo Code: GIRLMEETSBOX10 - Gets you 10% off your first month. (Only good for the monthly subscriptions.)

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

I enjoyed the debut box from Little Life Box back in December (check out my review here), so I was quite interested to see how this box compared to their first one, but that’s not all - we have a giveaway too! One lucky reader will win 1 free Little Life Box. Details on how to enter are at the end of the review.

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

The packaging is great and done with care. I love the print tissue paper. I wish more subscription boxes would use print tissue paper, it just makes it feel more special. They don't include a product information card, but product information can be found on their website. They do include random individual product cards and pamphlets in the box.

Bounce Energy Ball
$2.33 / 12 g

A tasty pocket rocket, bursting with nutrients from the king of nuts. The Almond Protein Hit contains the optimum balance of high quality protein, carbohydrates and fats. With its slow-releasing energy, this Ball is the ideal food to help satisfy your hunger in between meals. A great pre- or post- workout food.

Gogo Quinoa
2 cookies

I haven’t tried these yet, but they look good. They’re vegan chocolate chip cookies. Gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free.

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Pukka Herbal Tea
$0.74 / 3 tea samples

1 sample each of Relax, Three Ginger and After Dinner tea.

Teeccino Herbal Coffee Alternative (Vanilla Nut)
$2.50 / 30 g

You can drink this several ways. Brew in a coffeemaker, served chilled or blend with coffee to reduce caffeine and acidity.

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Anointment Shea Butter Cream
$1.32 / 6 g

Renowned for its incredible moisturizing capacity, shea butter is often used to minimize the effects of aging and nourish the skin.

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Enerex Sexual Enhancement Herbal Capsules
$3.96 / 2 samples (6 capsules each)

I laughed when I saw these! They’re sexual enhancements supplements for him and her. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

Enerex Sensational for Women is a potent formulation of time-honoured Herbs enhanced with B Vitamins. This natural sexual health product is designed to improve sexual desire & performance, relieve nervousness, reinforce physical strength, and support rejuvenation & peripheral circulation. Enerex Satisfaction for Men is designed to improve sexual desire & performance, reinforce physical strength, and enhance physical capacity & performance.

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Genuine Health Greens+
2 samples

Boost your nutritional intake, energy and vitality with Canada’s first and only research-proven superfood formula! Just one serving daily provides a synergistic blend of over 23 plant-based essential nutrients. Highly alkaline-forming and rich in antioxidants, greens+ nourishes and protects your body, increases energy, promotes healthier bones – and so much more.

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipop
$0.20 / 1 lollipop

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Genuine Health - Activfuel+ & Activrecover+
$3.00 / 22.4 g & $3.50 / 40 g

Avtivfuel+ increases energy, improves endurance, maintains optimal hydration and maintains stamina & endurance. Activerecover+ rebuilds muscles and helps reduce pain which in turn decreases exercise recovery time.

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

Organic Traditions - Golden Berries & Hemp Hearts
$5.59 / 2 oz x2

Golden Berries can be eaten alone or combined with other Organic Traditions or Natural Traditions Superfoods in order to create a delicious and nutritious trail mix. Add them to smoothies, yogurt, salads, desserts or baked goods. Make sauces, spreads or jams. Hemp Seeds have been used as a staple food for thousands of years. They are a source of fiber, protein and Omega 3 as well as a host of other nutrients. 

Little Life Box Review + Giveaway – February 2014

I found this Little Life Box to be different from their first box which had a focus on skin care products and health supplements. This box is a strictly health food and health supplement box with the exception of the Shea Butter Cream. Maybe Little Life Box is trying to help people stay on track with their New Year’s resolutions? You know, trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It definitely got me thinking of maintaining a more healthy lifestyle. I like this box for the variety of products and the value is very good. I would recommend this box if you're seeking to explore a healthier lifestyle and it's one of the few boxes like this available to Canadians.

What do you think of this month's Little Life Box?

Alright, now giveaway time! As I mentioned, one lucky reader will win one free Little Life Box!

- Open to Canada only.
- Entrants must be 18 years old and over.
- Winners will have 48 hours to claim prize or another winner will be drawn.

Just enter below. Good luck!

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