Keto Krate Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – August 2017

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Keto Krate is a monthly subscription box company working to help those looking for new low carb high fat, snacks!  Keto Krate works hard to pull together hard to find keto specific items from all over the world. Each month subscribers receive 6-8 keto friendly items. Each product has less than 5 net carbs, is gluten-free and never contains malitol!  This box makes eating keto super easy, helps subscribers learn about new products and makes snacking fun!

Cost:  $34.95/month

Shipping: US - $4.95

Coupon Code: GMBFIVEOFF - Get $5 off your first box!

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

ChocoZero ChocoNite

This is a large container of hot chocolate mix, I am thrilled to try it out. Just add almond milk and it is good to go. The info card also has a recipe for no bake chocolate pudding pie, it calls for one cup of the mix, but with this huge container to try it would be well worth it.

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Rawxies Crunch

These Rawxies are smoke paprika flavor! You can use it on top of salads, for dips, or eat straight out of the bag…These are so delicious! Every hungry ketoer would love a crunch, it is something that is hard to find when following keto. These really deliver flavor and texture. I can’t wait to try these with some cream cheese!

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Original Sarayo Sauce

This is a spicy mayonnaise sauce. The info card hints that it would be really good paired with the Pork Clouds, a marriage I am going to officiate this evening!

Keto Krate Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – August 2017

Loca Chocolate Chip Cookie

Loca cookies are low-carb, grain-free, gluten-free. This premiere line of cookies feature chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and lemon flavors. They are small batch made.

I was so excited about this cookie, and it is the first thing in the Keto Krate that my two girls wanted to try. It arrived all crumbled and did not look very appealing when I opened it. We divided it into thirds and inhaled it. The taste was wonderful, it does have a slightly cool finish to it in the mouth from the sweeteners…but it this the low carb sweet spot! I wish there would have been another Loca cookie in my box this month.

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Oloves Chili & Garlic

These snack olives really pack a flavor punch. I enjoyed the whole pouch which fulfilled my snack craving. They are spicy, for real. If you like a little heat, these are a nice change from the ordinary snack, and they are easy to transport for those of us on the go.

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Pork Clouds Rosemary and Sea Salt

Pork clouds are made by taking fresh pork skin, curing it in salt, and rapidly puffing it in olive oil.  The crisps are dusted with poignant, minimalist seasoning blends, ending up so fluffy that they had to change the name of the category itself.  Not pork rinds, pork clouds.

I love these pork clouds! The flavor is a nice savory Rosemary and Sea Salt and is a very satisfying crunchy snack. It was nice to take a break from crunching nuts and the flavor profile is excellent. I did what I said I was going to do….I used the pork clouds to dip into the Sarayo spicy mayonnaise….it was AMAZING!

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Tomer Foods Original Beef Stick 

This beef stick is tasty, I only wish there was another sample in my box this month.

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Keto Carne Beef Jerky (Spicy)

Keto Carne Beef Jerky is handcrafted in small batches and made with just 3 simple ingredients-Beef, Water and Spices. It is a keto-friendly snack that’s portable and ready to eat anywhere.

This beef jerky is full of spicy flavor, it tastes fresh and has a good consistency. I love the idea of this being my on the go snack. It is easy to put in my purse and have readily available. I look forward to getting my hands on some of their original flavor!

Ket Krate Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Overall, this August 2017 Keto Krate box is a hit with me. The retail value of the box is low at $33.56, but the products offer a good balance of sweet and savory. I also do appreciate the large size container of ChocoNite and the crunchy snack items that seem so hard to find as a keto gal. To pump up the value of the box, it seems as if the addition of a Loca cookie, one more Olove pack, or an additional Tomer Beef Stick would have done the trick. With one more item this box would have sent me to the moon happy! This Keto Krate would make a great gift for the keto lover in your life. It is a fun box to get at the door, full of delicious keto friendly foods, a fun and thoughtful box, and a beautiful welcoming info card.

What do you think of Keto Krate?

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