Japan Candy Box Subscription Box Review – July 2018

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers fun Japanese candy & snacks. They carefully handpick the most popular candy & snacks that Japanese people actually eat, and curate them into an exciting monthly box you’ll surely love! Discover Japan through seasonal snacks, limited edition Japanese candy and flavors that are not available anywhere else. Directly from Tokyo to your door!

Cost: $19.90/month

Shipping: Worldwide - Free

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

The theme of this box is "Ice Cream Carnival".

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

Meiji Panda Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks

Dip these crispy biscuit sticks into the chocolate and candy sprinkles. Such a handy snack! Each stick is decorated with Japanese words and cute pandas!

Koala’s March Biscuits - Soft Ice Cream

Koala March biscuits are super popular everywhere in Asia. These are limited edition treats with soft serve ice cream flavored filling. Try them frozen for the full taste experience!

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

Kabaya Kakigori Shaved Ice Gummies

Summer treat in candy form! Shaved ice is a hugely popular summer snack in Japan. It is made by covering a cup of shaved ice with a sweet, flavored syrup.

Calbee Sapporo Potato Chips BBQ Flavor

The super popular savory snack made from famous Sapporo potatoes and flavored with delicious barbecue seasoning.

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

Coris Cola & Soda Soft Candy

This rope shaped candy has two layers, one tastes like cola and the other like soda! What a perfect summer treat!

Glico Caplico Mini Ice Cream Snack

Fun ice cream flavored Japanese snacks perfect for all summer adventures! They do not melt like ice cream, but taste delicious on a hot summer day!

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

Coris Hiyarinko Ice Gum

Icy gumballs with a slightly hard outer shell and filled with softer cooling xylitol. The super cool mint flavor will freshen your breath!

Yaokin Little Gang Popping Candy

Sprinkle this bag full of fruit-flavored crackling candy powder on an ice cream. Such a unique flavor experience!

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

Baby Star Shinkansen Ramen Maru

Baby star crispy noodles are a fun savory snack on the go! These special edition ramen snacks are decorated with pictures of Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains!

Fujiya Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate

Limited edition summer collaboration! Carefully crafted to emulate “Chocolate Mint”, which is one of the most popular ice cream flavors at Japanese Baskin Robbins.

Japan Candy Box Subscription Box – July 2018

This is a fun-themed Japanese candy box that had many snacks to enjoy. Sign up by September 30th to get the October Halloween themed box.

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