How My Love For Subscription Boxes Started

How My Love For Subscription Boxes Started

Today I’m not exactly doing a review, but want to talk about when it all started. So let me go back, way back to when my love for samples and subscription boxes started.

Before subscription boxes became popular or even existed I think, there was a free sample box that came out maybe a few times a year. It was the P & G brandSAMPLER. I’m sure a lot of you know of it. When I first heard of it years ago, I was so excited and jumped at a chance to get free samples in the mail of products I use everyday. You would sign up online and when they had samples available you would be notified. Of course they are all P & G products and you would get a variety from household to beauty products.You would answer some questions on the website and then select the samples you’d want. I would wait with anticipation for the rectangular blue box to come in the mail. It was so much fun to be able to get this box. They would only do it maybe a couple times a year, so having to wait was no fun. But hey you are getting them for free, so I could deal with having to wait. I just received my latest box and I still enjoy getting these awesome samples. You know what you’re getting for the most part because you’ve selected them, but sometimes you’ll get some you weren’t expecting.

Last month I received for the first time another sampler from They have been proudly providing samples to Canadians from coast to coast (and soon to the USA, too!) for almost 3 years. Their goal is to help everybody make smart shopping decisions by allowing them to "try before you buy". It’s the same idea as P & G brandSAMPLER except they allow you to provide your feedback, ratings, and reviews for the products. It also is available a few times a year. In Spring, Summer, and Fall (they don’t send sample in Winter because they might freeze in the mail). I signed up and got my samples fairly quickly. I really like this new sampler and it’s free to sign up! You get all sorts of different brands and products from top leading beauty, household cleaning, and food and snack brands - including Garnier, Nivea, Schick, Sunlight, Sensodyne, Catelli, Quaker, John Frieda, Snuggle, Tresemme, Jergens, and more!

I got all household cleaning products for some reason? I was kind of expecting to get more variety of products, but it’s all good. I like being able to try different products like these and seeing which ones work best for me. I just hope next time I get a few more samples (not complaining, but I thought there’d be more).

It was over a year ago I discovered subscription boxes. Well it didn’t take me long to get hooked and in that year a lot more boxes have emerged. Needless to say I easily got carried away and wanted to subscribe to everything. Unfortunately as a Canadian I realized a lot do not ship here or you have to pay extra shipping fees (sometimes they're reasonable or sometimes they're outrageous). I have to say it’s been fun discovering new products and all the various types of subscriptions available. I have subscriptions that I have remained loyal to and some that I subscribe to on and off. I’m always looking for new ones to try. On the downside I’ve also learned that it’s very much “buyer beware” when it comes to subscription boxes, but I’ll save that for another time. So that’s how it all got started for me.

Who else has been enjoying these samplers over the years? How did you discover subscription boxes? Which one was your first and do you still subscribe? I’d love to hear about how you were introduced to subscription boxes.

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