Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

First impressions are always so important, whether you are on a date or meeting your new boss for the first time. My first review of Gentleman’s Box was a rave. I am really looking forward to cracking this one open to see what surprises lay inside. I expect the usual socks and tie but it is the accessories that I really look forward to. The things I have never heard of, the things I never expected.

Gentleman’s Box is a subscription box service for men providing the essentials for the modern gentleman. Items inside may range from grooming supplies to wardrobe accessories – each hand selected to complement the gentleman’s lifestyle and align with a monthly theme. You'll get four to five products, alongside the latest issue of GQ, arriving at your doorstep monthly.

Cost: US – $25/month (USD), Internationally – $33/month (USD)

Shipping: Internationally

Coupon Code:

  • GIRLMEETSBOX - Save $5 off your first box of any subscription plan!
  • 10GBOX - Save $10 off a 3 month gift subscription! (Exp. February 9/17)
  • 25GBOX - Save $25 off a 6 month gift subscription! (Exp. February 9/17)
  • 50GBOX - Save $50 off a 12 month gift subscription! (Exp. February 9/17)

Over the years, many renowned individuals have defined what it means to be a modern gentleman. Through courage, charisma and admiration, these men have become icons to fellow gentlemen. To pay homage to their success, a new gentleman is selected as each month’s theme. The products inside each Gentleman’s Box are picked to reflect the class and style of that month’s featured individual. The gentleman we honour for the month of January is an Ageless Aussie. This guy does it all, a singer, actor, dancer and producer. Hugh Jackman is a class act.

The info magazine is called "The Gentleman's Post" which includes info on the feature products and tips on dressing and other good stuff. This is an exceptional addition to the subscription box and is a wonderful way to present the product info.

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

OTAA Pocket Square

A khaki linen pocket square with a unique texture that will make any navy suit pop. OTAA is an Australian brand globally known for their homemade accessories. Two brothers started this company creating unique and quirky designs that you cannot find anywhere else.

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

Gentlemen of the North Socks

GOTN is a Canadian brand whose goal is to provide you with stylish apparel and accessories that are comfortable in any environment, whether at home, the office or on the go. This month we find a comfortable pair of socks from the soul of the north line. The baby blue socks with navy spots are unique to say the least. I love the fact that no one I know will have a pair like them.

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

Aster Ganos Tie

Aster Ganos takes pride in creating luxury ties for the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life. This tie is made of 100% cotton featuring a cream, navy, and grey pattern. A perfect complement to a white shirt and a grey or navy suit.

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

Auscufflinks Lapel Pin

I got another lapel pin similar to this one last winter and I wore it on the lapel of my Navy Pea Coat. It was a hit and I expect the same kind of attention from this pin. I love the muted beige colour and the sheer class that it delivers. Auscufflinks is an Aussie company well known for their cufflinks and other accessories.

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017

Trade Union Supply Co. Lip Balm

This company is cool. They are committed to sourcing natural ingredients and pay tribute to tradesman by crafting each product in small batches. This lip balm is all natural and is handcrafted from the finest blend of beeswax, natural oils and butter to protect and moisturize your lips. The lip balm is infused with peppermint and camphor essential oils to leave a sweet tingly feeling. I really like the soft smooth feel of the balm. It goes on easy and really moistens your lips. Here in our Canadian cold winters, this is a must have.

Gentleman’s Box Review + Coupon Code – January 2017
This month's Gentleman’s Box has a total value of over $86. Still great value for your dollar. Even at Canadian exchange rates. This is the kind of thing I expect from a subscription box. I expect value. Gentleman's Box delivers! I have worn my pin on the lapel of my navy pea coat and as I expected, people love it. If they don’t they are not saying anything. I have just started a new job and the dress is a bit more refined. Gentleman’s Box will certainly take you to the next level of class.

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