Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Fit Snack is a subscription snack box filled with great tasting, healthy foods sent to your doorstep every month. Fit Snack box contains 6-9 carefully curated items that are not only delicious but are also designed to provide clean energy to support an active, fitness-focused lifestyle. Their team focuses on as much of the Fit Snack Perfect 10 as possible, across three categories: nutrient defense, consciously made and diversified energy.

Cost: $17.90/month, $16.90/month (3 months), $15.90/month (6 months), and $13.90/month (annually)

Shipping: Canada – $12, US – $6, International shipping fees apply.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Girl Meets Box readers who subscribe using this LINK will get a gym bag free with any subscription.Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Fit Snack includes a product info card.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

On the flip side is a little workout routine.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Skinny Pop Popcorn

I love guilt-free snacks like this popcorn! This one is lightly flavoured with sunflower oil and salt. It has no GMO's, gluten, or preservatives.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Level Life Protein Bars

I really liked these bars and was happy that I received a box of four. They're designed for people with diabetes to help fight high blood sugars and for those trying to lose weight. The double chocolate chip flavour tastes like a real treat and not some tasteless healthy snack.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Columbia County Flax Granola

This amazing flax granola works as a morning cleanse, detox and, a nutritious weight control program.  Like no other granola on the market today, CCB&G’s Fruit & Berry Flax Granola is nut free, all-vegan, paleo-safe, GM-free, gluten free, AND, we make it without adding refined sugars of any kind, NO salt and absolutely NO oats. Lightly seasoned with cinnamon and baked at a low temperature to preserve the integrity of flax's rich core of omega3 fatty acids.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Honey Stinger Energy Chews

I like these energy chews. They taste like candy and give you a boost of natural energy.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Trophy Nut Roasted Peanuts

All natural peanuts with no trans fat, no cholesterol, no artificial colour or preservatives.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Yummari Endurance Bites

This was pretty bad tasting; I couldn't eat the whole thing. I received coconut flavour, but I didn't really taste the coconut. They have some other flavours like chocolate chip and coffee which might be better tasting.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

Musclewerks DeTrim Capsules & Justin's Nut Butter

DeTrim is designed to provide total body fat loss, focus, and endurance in a powerful complex formula.  Justin's Nut Butter is made from dry roasted almonds and is made is small batches to ensure higher quality.

Fit Snack Review & Giveaway – July 2015

The July Fit Snack has an estimated value of $22.64, not including the last two samples. The value is over the cost of the box, but I do wish it was higher considering international shipping is a bit much. I thought this month had a good selection of snacks; that bag of granola is huge and I love the box of Level Life Protein Bars and popcorn! I've discovered many new brands through Fit Snack which is another reason I enjoy this subscription box.

What do you think of Fit Snack?


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