Chefs Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

Chef’s Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

Chefs Plate is a meal subscription box service that delivers chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients each week. When you sign up for the 2-Person Plan or Family Plan, you will receive one delivery a week on Mondays or Tuesdays, depending on your area. This will include 2, 3 or 4 recipes and all the ingredients you need to make them, pre-portioned for two (2-Person Plan) or four (Family Plan). The 2-Person Plan features 7 unique, chef-designed meals each week, consisting of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The Family Plan features 4 unique family-friendly meals each week. You choose the recipes that you want or you can choose to skip a delivery for up to 4 months in advance. Ingredients are locally sourced and fresher than the supermarket. Meats are antibiotic and hormone free.

Cost: Recipes begin at $10.95 per plate for the 2-Person Plan and $9.75 per plate for the Family Plan.

Shipping: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Manitoba. Free on all plans with the exception of the 2-person plan with 2 meals per week. There is a $6 delivery charge applied to this plan.

Promo Code: #3platesFromGirlMeetsBox - Get 3 plates FREE on your first delivery!

This is the 2 meal Family Plan box.

The ingredients for each meal come in a bag with a label on the outside listing ingredients and nutritional info. Chef's Plate recommends that you eat fish dishes within 1-2 days of receiving your delivery, and vegetarian or meat dishes within 5-6 days.

Chef’s Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

All of the packaging is 100% recyclable! Even the gel ice packs can be discarded responsibly.

Chef’s Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

The recipes are clear and easy to follow.

Chef’s Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

Chicken & Asiago Pasta with Sautéed Vegetables & Fresh Ziti Noodles

Pasta dishes are always a go-to since I know my boys will eat it. This recipe had sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms, and baby eggplant. They can be picky about certain vegetables, but the asiago cheese makes it taste better for them. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the pasta itself. Normally I love fresh pasta, but this ziti tasted a bit too doughy.

Chef’s Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

Chef’s Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

Beef Chili Con Carne with Red Beans and Pull-Apart Ciabatta Buns

I misread the recipe directions and added too much liquid, so it ended up being more of a soup than chili. I tried to simmer it longer to get it to thicken up, but it didn't work. Taste-wise though, it was good. I didn't bother taking a photo of the finished dish.

Chef’s Plate Review + Promo Code – November 2016

Chefs Plate has what I look for in a meal prep subscription box - great tasting meals made with fresh ingredients, good packaging, and convenience. The ease of setting up and pausing deliveries is also a plus. I can choose when I want my shipments, how many meals I want, and change that at any time. I'm very happy with the service overall! For those with dietary restrictions, they offer gluten and dairy free options, although they may not be available every week. Each recipe on their website details all the ingredients included so that customers can see whether the meals suit their preferences/needs. If you're interested in trying Chefs Plate, use this code at checkout to get 3 free plates: #3platesFromGirlMeetsBox

What do you think of Chefs Plate?

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