Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – September 2016

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – September 2016

It is back to school time and with the kids out of the house, this means it is Bowzer’s Time to Shine. Now the dogs can get some well deserved attention because let's face it, what dog gets enough. This month's box is put together to spoil your furry friend and keep them busy till the kids get home. I am pretty sure Stella loves a busy house but there is no doubt that she loves having it all to herself. I am sure to find some of these treats buried under pillows or blankets.

Bowzer Box is a Canadian pet subscription box service that delivers a box of doggy goodies every month. You can sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription and will receive 5-6 items such as dog treats, toys, and accessories right at your door. Boxes are customized based on your dog’s size.

Cost: $29/month, $27/month (3 month plan), or $25/month (6 month plan)

Shipping: $6 - Canada only.

Discount Code: LISA - Save 10% off your subscription.

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I try most of the products from the doggie subscription boxes on my Jack Russel/Beagle. She is a 7-year-old 20 pound bundle of energy named Stella.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – September 2016

Multipet Loofa Launcher

This Loofa Launcher is great for flinging and swinging around the yard for play. If you fling it around the house, just watch the lamps. The rope tail on the bottom sling shots when pulled and relaxed making it a very unique toy.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – September 2016


These are an all Canadian single ingredient dog treats and have no additives, no preservatives, no added hormones and no antibiotics. The ingredients are sourced Canadian and are processed in a facility in Ontario. We got samples of a beef tendon chew and another chew that looks like a chicken wing. Both come in an unlabeled package so to be honest I have no idea what is what. Hmm. I used the website to try to figure this out.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – September 2016

Great Jacks Grain Free Liver Training Treats

These treats are semi moist and are perfect size for training and soft enough that they can be broken as well. They are a healthy alternative and under 1.5 calories per treat. A great reward snack anytime. These are this month's big winner.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – September 2016

Northern Biscuit Peanut Crunch Mini cookies

Bowzer has a mandate to highlight at least one 100% Canadian treat or toy in the box each month. Northern Biscuit started by selling one flavour at a local farmer's market and now they carry over a dozen varieties which can be found across North America. One thing has not changed: They are fanatical in sourcing fresh local ingredients from Canadian food growers. The treats are baked in small batches allowing the company to concentrate on quality. I have noticed that the treats are not always the same shape or size, especially from batch to batch. According to Northern, it is because fresh food ingredients can vary from crop to crop. It is said that no two biscuits are alike, kind of like a snowflake. I like this explanation. Stella likes the treats.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – September 2016

Back to School doesn’t hold much meaning to me anymore. My kids are working or in university so they have become quite independent. One thing is certain, there is more traffic and a few less dogs at the dog park in the afternoon. I love this month’s reminder and salute to the September ritual. It is very nostalgic and makes me miss the shopping trips for pencils, three-ring binders and a toy for Stella. This is another great box with lots of Canadian content. Bowzer Box continues to deliver value for the money and quality for your pet. This month my only complaint would be labeling the odd samples they put in. This has happened a few times and mostly I can figure it out. It's almost time for the pennant race, so you will find Stella and I enjoying our favourite treats and cheering the Jays should they make the playoffs.

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