Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

Christmas has passed, and the house was overrun with visitors and I traveled to friends houses to celebrate too. Stella was there for it all, indulging in the generous hands that inevitably dropped delicious offerings. Not everything that is left to Stella’s reach is of the quality that I would feed Stella. So I am grateful for a selection of treats and toys that I get with Bowzer Box. Let us see what Santa brought for Stella this month.

Bowzer Box is a Canadian pet subscription box service that delivers a box of doggy goodies every month. You can sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription and will receive 5-6 items such as dog treats, toys, and accessories right at your door. Boxes are customized based on your dog’s size.

Cost: $29/month, $27/month (3 month plan), or $25/month (6 month plan)

Shipping: $6 - Canada only.

Discount Code: LISA - Save 10% off your subscription.

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I try most of the products from doggie subscription boxes on my Jack Russel/Beagle. She is a 8-year-old, 20 pound bundle of energy named Stella. She doesn’t love everything that comes in the box but that is OK. She is a very discerning, I mean, fussy dog.  

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

One quote on the info card gave me a good chuckle. “Bowzer, that tree has been watered enough!”.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

FouFou Brands Christmas Wreath Toy

This toy was awesome and, in my opinion, a perfect size for Stella. Shaped like a Christmas wreath, this toy was obviously durable. It is made by FouFou Brands out of Richmond, Ontario and is lined with a tough mesh and reinforced with a durable nylon trim. This toy will make a really good game of tug-of-war even better.  As with any good toy, there is a squeaker for enhanced enjoyment. Stella went bonkers when she got this for Christmas. Or maybe it was all the sugar, I cannot be sure.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

Christmas Bandana

Perfect for Stella to get her Holiday Cheer on. A colourful accessory for a visit to a friend's for play or just touring the neighbourhood. The other dogs will be envious. Ok, maybe not the dogs but maybe the owners.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

The Barkery Christmas Cookies

These treats are made from the best ingredients from local farmers. Combining fresh and wholesome ingredients with outstanding flavour, these treats appeal to the health conscious owner. They also caught the nose of our spoiled little girl. She loved these. The cookies awre shaped like a Christmas tree and a colourful snowflake. The ingredients are organic spelt flour, barley flour, barley flakes, all natural peanut butter, whole eggs, sunflower oil, yogurt chips and beet powder. There is no artificial dyes and they use vegetable dyes for colour.  

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

Fruitables Pumpkin and Cranberry Flavour

When I opened the bag of these treats I am struck by the scent that emanates from the bag. It wafts to your nose and you cannot help but drool. That was how I felt, so I gave one to Stella and her friend Pixie and I got...nothing. I was a bit shocked actually. I left a few around the house and she eventually ate them but I figured, based on the smell, she would beg for these. She puzzles me sometimes. Fruitables are made with 100% natural ingredients and have no artificial additives. These treats are shaped like little flowers and are crunchy for a very satisfying snack. They break apart easily in case you just want to reward your pooch with a smaller piece.

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

Boucherie Burger Sliders

Boucherie treats are delicious, nutritious and wholesome. These treats are 100% all natural and made with natural textures and flavours. They are perfect for any dog. Even a little chihuahua named Pixie. Affectionately known as The Pickle, I have never met a dog that turned her nose up to so many treats. Well, in this case, she loved these. She is a big fan of real meat and since these sliders are made of real beef liver and deboned chicken. 

Bowzer Box Review + Discount Code – December 2016

A ton of great Christmas themed products made it easy to wrap a few items up for Stella to put under the tree. Much easier than hitting the pet store to find something cheap to give her. With Bowzer Box, I knew that what I was getting was good quality and generally made in Canada. Like the Christmas wreath chew toy, so well designed and built to last. I suspect it may be around next Christmas. OK, well, maybe not. 

What do you think of Bowzer Box?

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