Wantable Jewelry Box – May Review


I have been waiting for this box for quite some time and now I can finally share it with you. In March, Wantable announced there were going to start shipping to Canada. Woohoo, I thought that was great, but not just that they were going to offer Canadians a chance to try the box for FREE! Well you know I didn’t hesitate to sign up. After I signed up it wasn’t until May 10th that I got an email that they were ready to do their soft launch in Canada. They informed us that we would initially have to pay the full amount and we would be credited back the money. I would only have to pay for shipping, taxes and duty fees. I filled out the style profile and at the checkout the total worked out to be $13.14. I was fine with that. They also stated the process may not go smoothly. I got a little scared by that, but appreciated the warning. On May 16th I received my tracking information and that they credited my account. Wow, things worked out beautifully. It did take a little longer than I thought to get here, which made my excitement (and impatience lol) grow.

Wantable has both a makeup box and a jewellery box. Monthly subscriptions are $36 / month or $40 for one time. I decided to go with the jewellery box. They also redid their website and the look of their boxes. The boxes are now white and black, not purple anymore. The style profile you fill out is pretty broad, so I was pretty sure I get things liked. So here we go:



May’s box was curated by Chicago’s Style expert, Suzanne Kopulos. Their picks this month were gorgeous stones, bright statement pieces, and stunning metallics - Everything I’m in to!

Mekele Necklace


This understated necklace will add a bit of glam to any outfit!

This is a nice piece. Good quality, but not really sure it’s my style. Definitely not something I would buy myself. It looks good on which is great, because sometimes you see a piece and think, Oh nice, this will look great on. Then you try it on and it doesn’t look so hot or vice versa.

Gemma Bracelet



There’s nothing like a little candy to spice up an outfit! Let the Gemma Bracelet be the star of the show by wearing it with your favourite sleeveless wardrobe options.

Right away I loved this piece! I’ve been more into gold recently (although I know this isn’t real gold) and like the colours of the stones. On the downside, I have tiny wrists so I’m worried it’ll just slip off. That won’t stop me from wearing it though.

Dejah Earrings


The wire-wrapped Dejah Earrings look like they’re from an exotic bazaar!

These are pretty cool earrings. They fit my style. I like the look and shape of them. They'll go good with a lot of things. Unfortunately the back of the earring that goes through your ear was tarnished, so that kind of bothered me.

Chise Earrings


The pretty Chise Earrings will add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.

Again, not something I’d pick out myself, but they look cute on. I like to mix it up when it comes to earrings. Some days I like bigger ones and other times I like ones that are tinier. The backs on these earrings were even more tarnished than the other set. Not too pleased with that. I did email Wantable about the tarnished earrings, so hopefully they can do something about it.

Overall I got a nice variety of pieces. I was sooo hoping for a long chain. I LOVE long chains, so I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get one. I can’t really complain. I am extremely happy that Canadians were offered this incredible deal and how well informed they kept us along the way. If the cost was a little lower I might continue my subscription, but for now I can’t.

I also want to mention how much I like that they have a section on their website for international shipping and all the information you need to know. Very thorough and detailed. You have no idea how much I like that. There are far too many U.S. subscription box companies that don’t include such information. A lot of them don’t always have accurate information such as where they ship to and any extra costs to Canadian or international customers. I find it so frustrating, because some of them just say they only ship within the U.S. and I’ve discovered that’s not always true. I mean if you’re going to ship outside of the states you would think you’d want people to know that. It’s more customers and money for them, right? So good for Wantable to have that all written out for you to clearly see. I thought it was important to point that out.

Have you subscribed to Wantable? If not, why not give them a try.

Subscribed to Wantable Jewelry Box!

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