Vegan Cuts Holiday Snack Box Review – December 2013

Vegan Cuts Holiday Snack Box Review - December 2013

Another Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal I took advantage of was this one, Vegan Cuts Snack Box. I decided to “gift” myself a 3 month subscription. I've always wanted to get Vegan Cuts, but I was always kind of bothered by the fact that they are based out of Ottawa (where I live), but they ship out of Syracuse, NY and charge shipping fees to Canada. A bit of a bummer, but because of the promotion they had I thought the price was decent at $75 for a 3 month subscription and it included shipping.

Vegan Cuts offer two subscription boxes: Snack Box and Beauty Box. The Snack Box will have 7-10 vegan goodies, most of them gluten-free.

Cost: $19.95 / month - Shipping free in the US, $8 to Canada and $15 internationally.

On the other side of this card has all the products listed. It looks like a got a couple extra things not listed on the card.


Beanitos Chips

Addictive, protein-packed chips made from wholesome black beans and rice.

Beanitos Chips

Viana Creamy Sunflower Spread (Horseradish)

A creamy, organic sunflower seed spread ideal as a sandwich topping or dip for raw veggies.

Viana Creamy Sunflower Spread (Horseradish)

JJ's Sweets Cocomels

Rich and decadent coconut milk caramels sprinkled with Fleur de Sel sea salt.

Goody Good Stuff

Cola or sour-flavoured gummy sweets with natural fruit juices and extracts.

JJ's Sweets Cocomels & Goody Good Stuff

Mahima For Life Berries Best Antioxidant Powder
$2 / 11 g

Nutritional supplement containing antioxidant-rich berries and veggies.

Mahima For Life Berries Best Antioxidant Powder

Home Free Treats

Cute and crunchy vanilla cookies made with gluten-free whole grains.

Home Free Treats

Revolution Tea
$1 / 4 teabags

Caffeine-free Sourthern Mint tea that's both refreshing and soothing.

Revolution Tea

Caramel Bites

Michy's Pumpkin Eater Cookie

Hint Mints

Gourmet chocolate mints that are slightly sweet, yet powerful breath aids.

Pure Fruit Sandwich Strawberry & Banana Bar

Triple-layered, soft and chewy fruit bars made with banana purée and strawberry juice.

Caramel Bites,Michy's Pumpkin Eater Cookie, Hint Mints, Pure Fruit Sandwich Strawberry & Banana Bar

My first impression of the box was that I was pretty satisfied with the products and variety. However, I find this to be a low value box at around $20, so that leaves disappointed and dissatisfied. I hope the next two boxes are a better value. I will be getting the Beauty Box any day now, so be sure to check back for that review.

Do you subscribe to Vegan Cuts Snack Box or Beauty Box? What do you think of this subscription box?

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