TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – October 2017

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – October 2017

TeeBlox is a t-shirt subscription box that brings 100% authentically licensed shirts to your doorstep monthly. They take your preferences and category selections into consideration before they pick out an awesome shirt for you. As always, they have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy so you can return and exchange your shirt for free.

Cost: TeeBlox - $6.99/month | CommunityBlox- $8.99/month

Shipping: US – $2.99 | Internationally (except Indonesia) – $7.99

Coupon Code:

  • GIRLMEETSBOX - Save 15% off your first month!
  • GMBTBX - Save 10% off your first month!

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This is the Movies & TV TeeBlox.

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – October 2017

True Blood T-Shirt

True Blood is a TV show about a telepathic waitress who encounters a strange new supernatural world when she meets a mysterious southern Louisiana gentleman and vampire. I've never seen the show but from what I've read the vampires come up with a synthetic blood that has made it possible for vampires to survive without preying on humans, so that explains the bottle cap on the shirt. Since this is not a show I've watched I can't say the shirt does anything for me.

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – October 2017

The bonus items are a Free Rick button pin and a Maxi Mage comic.

TeeBlox Review + Coupon Code – October 2017

TeeBlox is great if you like themed exclusive shirts. They have many categories to choose from and you can select men's or women's sizes. This month's shirt wasn't appealing to me but I don't always expect to get a shirt that I will love every month.

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