Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Surprise My Pet is a dog subscription box that sends a monthly assortment of dog toys, treats, accessories and other little surprises for the pet lover. There are 5 to 7 items included each month. The boxes are tailored to your dog’s size which you identify when you sign up. The company also supports animal welfare charities. They donate 10% of their profits to US shelters and charities.

The same company will be offering a cat box very soon so keep an eye on the website for details.

Cost: 1 month – $25/month, 3 months – $23/month, 12 months – $19/month.

Shipping: US - $5/month, International shipping fees vary.

Promo Code: GIRLMEETSBOX - Save 10% off your first box!

So I tried out all of the following products on my Jack Russell/Beagle mix. She is a little over 20 lbs and full of energy. I also had the pleasure of testing some of these product with my friends two chihuahuas.

The packaging is nice and bright. Upon opening it I am greeted with a clever Beatles reference, “All you need is love, and a dog”. I could not agree more.

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Handy Solutions Travel Lint Roller

A nice addition to have in your coat pocket for those times you are out in public and you realize you jacket is covered in hair.

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Rys Ruffery Treats - Grain-Free with Peanut Butter

This product is really cool. OK, they are just dog treats and yes they are all natural. No fillers or byproducts and no chemicals. The story behind the company is what made me smile. A 10-year-old boy who cared about his dog decided to make his own treats. He did some research and produced something his dog loved. He then decided to market this product and started selling locally. Next thing you know he was pitching to the TV show Shark Tank. As for the treats my dog liked them but she did not go nuts for them. Overall a very good quality product.

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Loving Pets Puffsters (Cranberry and Chicken)

These treat are low-fat and 100% natural and made in the USA. They have no additives, glycerin, preservatives, soy or corn. These are air puffed treated similar to a cheesy. They are crunchy which my dog loves and only contain 10 calories per treat. My dog and the chihuahuas loved them.

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Jack for Joy!

This molded one piece construction pet toy is shatterproof and chip proof. Made of durable SAN resin which is a non-toxic plastic. There are no sharp edges to ever harm teeth or gums.  The Jack for Joy is designed to last and will stand up to endless hours of rough and tumble play. I tried this out on my dog and on first inspection, I knew she would not play with this. She is really into squeaky and round toys. I also tried this toy with the chihuahuas. Not interested. I suspect there is a dog out there that will love this toy. It is well-built and sturdy. When I threw it for my dog I was afraid I would break the tiles in my kitchen.

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Flavorit Bone

This is a chew toy similar to a nylabone. My dog won’t bother with the nylabone, but this little treat is perfect. It has a section of small indents called flavour cells which you can spread peanut butter or something similar to entice your dog to chew. Now you have my dog's attention. Flavorit chews are made from 100% Nylon, a material long proven to provide a safe chewing experience for dogs. While small scratches will appear on the nylon, and it may wear slowly, you will find it is very durable. This product is also made in the US.

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

Play Around Hound Play Balls

These tennis balls are very sturdy. They were the small so my dog was not really interested. They were perfect however for the chihuahuas and they ended up with the tennis balls. The balls being sturdy did not bounce very well and they were not the squeaky type. I find the bouncing ones more appealing but they don’t last as long so there is a trade off.

Surprise My Pet Review + Promo Code – February 2016

My impression of Surprise My Pet overall is excellent. The value of the products is what I would expect from a subscription box. You are getting about $40 of stuff for as little as $19 dollars. This box will be a good for Canadians if the shipping is reasonable. I found everything in the box to be good quality but just not to my dogs taste. It’s the chance you take with pet subscription boxes. Most of the items were perfect for the little yorkie or chihuahua in your life. By that token, it was a little odd to see the Jack for Joy included in a box for small dogs. I don’t know anyones small dog that will be able to drag that thing around. I love that this company supports dog shelters and charities. I look forward to seeing more of what this company is going to offer.

What do you think of Surprise My Pet?

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