Starlooks LooksBook Review – August 2015

Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

Starlooks is a monthly beauty subscription box that offers two different boxes – LooksBooks and Custom Starbox.

LooksBook includes three, new, Perfect Size (usually about ¾ of full-size) Starlooks PRO cosmetic formulas & colours in a  travel-size “book” in which all three items fit snugly!

Custom Starbox provides you with your choice of 3 4 Starlooks, Perfect Size Cosmetics, and your choice of 3 Fashion/Lifestyle Brand Gift Cards – yes, cash! – toward purchases of exciting new clothing, accessories, skin care, home decor, etc.

Cost: $12/month

Shipping: Free to US & $5 to Canada.

Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

I've reviewed the Custom Starbox a couple of times and now I have the LooksBook for you to check out! This subscription is different than the Starbox in that every month is a set theme and everyone receives the same products. Each LooksBook contains fashion-forecasted, PRO Quality, HD, photo-compatible Starlooks colour cosmetics, tucked into a convenient and educational “Book”, and is carefully curated to provide a complete “Look”.


Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

I love the idea of the LooksBook and how it's put together. All three products come in this "book". Inside you also have tips on how to use the products. August is the "Resort Edition" and the colours scream tropical!

Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

Highlighter/Blush Duo (Tropic & Ritz)

I love a good highlighter and blush and these colours are great for me. They're perfect for summer, with the beautiful shimmer and you could totally use them as eyeshadow too!

Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

Lipstick (Jet Set)

This lipstick has a gloss-finish and I hope it goes on more sheer because if it's very pigmented I'm afraid this shade of coral might not look that good on me. We will see...

Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

Water Eyeshadow (Aqua)

This is a very shimmery cream eyeshadow that blends easily. I wasn't so sure about this shade of green, but it's subtle and goes on sheer. They recommend applying it with a small brush. I think this will go great with the Highlighter and Blush!

Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

Gift Cards

Just like the Custom Starbox, the LooksBook includes 3 gift cards. These cards have pretty high values, like $50 for the Versa one. The other two have values of $20 and $17.

Starlooks LooksBooks Review – August 2015

I really like the Starlooks LooksBook! It's a fun, convenient, and affordable to get a complete makeup look with quality products, all in pretty terrific packaging that can go with you anywhere.

What do you think of Starlooks LookBook?

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