Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017

Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017

This month Snakku is taking us back to Tokyo and through more of the back streets that only the locals know about. As one of the largest cities in the world, I have a feeling that we may be visiting again. Imagine a box full of unique sweet treats and different takes on old classics. This is what you can expect from Snakku. Expect the unexpected.

Snakku is an authentic Japanese snack subscription box. The snacks that they include are high quality snacks directly from Japan that you can’t get anywhere else. You can expect about 10-13 tasty snacks in every box! Snakku also offers a Tasting Box for $15.75/month + free shipping (US only). You’ll receive 5-7 expertly curated Japanese snacks.

Cost: $38.95/month – Longer plans available.

Shipping: US - Free, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Ireland - $5-$14

Promo Code: girlmeetsbox – Save 5% off your subscription.

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Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017
The packaging is beautiful. In Japan, it is considered offensive to give someone a gift without wrapping it. The effort that goes into your first impression is impressive. The box is wrapped in furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth.

Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017

Tokyo Tamago

For over 15 years, Ginza Tamaya has been making traditional Japanese snacks with a modern twist. This cute egg-shaped snack has 4 layers. The white chocolate outside covers the dual-layer sponge cake, which is then filled with mildly sweet black sesame paste. This is their most popular snack, which tends to sell out often. Luckily, we are able to get our hands on some.

Gouden Wafels

These milk chocolate covered waffle sandwich cookies are a huge hit in Tokyo and were inspired by a treat from the Netherlands. Gouden is the Dutch word for Golden. It is also the town in the Netherlands where the snack originated.

Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017
Black Thunder

Sounds more like a really bad action film but these treats are pretty cool. They are chocolate bars with a bit of a crunch coming from rice puffs. The flavour is rich with a nice texture. Supposedly they are popular with the university crowd. Made by the Yuraku Confectionery company founded in 1994.

Tokyo Pancake

A Japanese pancake-flavoured langue-de-chat or 'cat's tongues'. A French-inspired white chocolate cookie sandwich, filled with mouthwatering maple cream.

Nijusisetsu Flower

More rice cracker snacks from Ginza no Akebono. This prestigious snack maker has made these rice crackers since 1943. The rice is local from Miyagi prefecture. The flavours range from sesame, curry, seaweed, plum, purple yam, shiso mint, black pepper and yuzu citrus.

Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017

Odaiba Ring

Sold only at Odaiba in Tokyo, this snack is made from light banana flavoured chocolate crunch and topped with a white chocolate frosting.

Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017

Salty Caramel

A perfect balance of sweet and salty, these caramels are delicious. They are much bigger than the ones I am used to getting here in Canada.

Sugar Butter Sandwich

A hit snack in Tokyo. Crispy barley wheat puff cookies filled with a mildly sweet white milk chocolate cream.

Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017

Edamame Senbei

Rice crackers that are infused with the flavour of edamame. A very light snack that reminds me of many of the Japanese rice cracker products. I really enjoyed these.

Hina Arare

Hinamatsuri also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is a special day in Japan. Hinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3. Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period. These colourful mini rice crackers flavored with sugar or soy sauce are often eaten on this day.

Snakku Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – March 2017

Two weeks before I leave for Japan where I hope to see some of these treats along with some I have never tried. Great value in this box and a unique experience. It is hard to source the costs of a lot of these items so an exact value would not really be accurate. I have been enjoying Snakku since my first review and I really cannot see me getting sick of this one. Amazing quality and quantity.

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