Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Snakku is an authentic Japanese snack subscription box. The snacks that they include are high quality snacks directly from Japan that you can’t get anywhere else. You can expect about 10-13 tasty snacks in every box!

Cost: $38.95/month - Longer plans available.

Shipping: Free to US, $5-$14 to Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Ireland.

Promo Code: girlmeetsbox – Save 5% off your subscription.

Snakku also offers a Tasting Box for $15.75/month + free shipping. You’ll receive 5-7 expertly curated Japanese snacks. This box is only available for US customers.

Boxes are wrapped in a reusable, beautifully designed paper furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth).

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

March's box is filled with snacks from the foodie capital of Japan: Osaka.

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Tako Patiss

Takoyaki is one of the most iconic street foods of Japan. They are balls of savory dough wrapped around a piece of octopus, then topped with a delicious sauce.

Maison De Kukkia

Matcha chocolate sandwiched between wafer cookies

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Gold Okaki

Crepe crackers that are delicately baked and then dipped in ginger emulsion. It’s then topped with real edible gold foils, which are made by hand in the snowy city of Kanazawa. We got these in last month's box.


Hand made small pancake-like cakes wrapped around a sweet red-bean filling. This was good and I didn't mind the bean filling.

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Chocolate & Vanilla Rusks

Twice baked Japanese style baguettes topped with either a chocolate or vanilla glaze. I enjoyed the chocolate ones.

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Kokutou Senbei

A perfect mix of lightly salted senbei glazed with sweet cream and molasses from Hokkaido.

Conque D'asses

Delicately baked biscuits sandwiches filled with vanilla cream.

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Osaka Molasses Kinako Mochi

This unique mochi is covered in kinako (roasted soybean flour) and filled with baked molasses. It's handmade by a local snack vendor in Osaka.

Osaka Choco Egg

Bite sized cakes in the shape of an egg, covered with white chocolate. These are super popular in Osaka.

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Mayo Senbei

Mayonnaise is widely used in a lot of food in Osaka. Japanese mayo is a bit different from your typical mayo in a few ways. It's made from only the egg yolk, whereas regular mayo uses the whole egg. Japanese mayo also uses rice vinegar compared to distilled vinegar for regular mayo. This makes Japanese mayo lighter, airier, and creamier. These senbei are made using mayo form Osaka.

Caramel Pudding Cake

These bite-sized cakes won the prestigious Monde Gold Award in 2014. They are made by a small family owned snack store which was established in 1924. These were my favorite snack in the box!

Azuki Candy

Sweet red bean candy with a slightly salty center filling.

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

Vegetable Crackers

Two types of bite-sized vegetable rice crackers. My son was drawn to the bright coloured packaging and he really liked them!

Snakku Review + Promo Code – March 2016

This month's Snakku had many interesting snacks and I really enjoyed some of the cake ones. They were moist, fresh, and had good flavour. It's near impossible to put a value on the box, but considering these snacks are exclusive and the quantity you get, I'd estimate the value to be very good. Anyone who's into Asian snacks, specifically from Japan will enjoy Snakku.

What do you think of Snakku?

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