Snackbox – July Review


I was really excited to get Snackbox this month. I enjoyed the first one and it’s a subscription box the whole family can enjoy. Around here it’s been called the “special treats” box by my 3 year old. This month Snackbox, the awesome people that they are, offered me this box complimentary for me to review. Not just that, but they are giving you a chance to get your first box for 50% off (excluding shipping). The code will expire July 31, 2013, so order while you still can! Use code: GIRLMEETSBOX

This month Snackbox had help curating the box from Erin Ireland, a Vancouver local who is a well known supporter of the local food community. Check out her site

When I opened the box I noticed the new product card or pamphlet. It had all of the products listed with all their info. Very clean looking and detailed - looking good so far. Then I saw all of the snacks and had to stop myself from sampling them all right then and there (Ugh had to get all the product pics first).

Snackbox - July Review

Subscription plans are:

1 month - $33 / box
3 months -$27 / box
6 months - $24 / box
Shipping - $6.95

You will get 10-12 healthy snacks in each box.

Fresh is Best - Tortilla Chips
$1.50 / 60g

Snackbox - July Review

I love tortilla chips, especially with margaritas. I had these one evening and loved them! I liked that there were a few flavours in the bag. There was your regular flavour, the red had a chili flavour and the green had jalapeño flavour.

Hardbite Potato Chips - Rock Salt & Vinegar
$0.50 / 23g

Snackbox - July Review

Another yummy snack! I’m the only one around here that eats chips, so these were all mine too. I like kettle chips and I really like this flavour. I would say that they were a little too crunchy, but still very good.

Granola Girl
$9.99 / 454g

Snackbox - July Review

This was a sample bag. I put this in my son’s yogurt and he enjoyed it. I thought maybe he wouldn’t since we don’t eat granola, but he ate it all. This is what I love about Snackbox, there is always something to add to foods or something new for my family to try.

Urge Chocolates - Oranji
$6 / 60g

Snackbox - July Review

I love good dark chocolate! Except this is orange infused dark chocolate with goji berries. To me anything with orange flavour doesn’t taste good, but after trying it I really liked it. I wasn't bothered by the orange flavour - good chocolate is good chocolate!

Rumble Energy Drink
$4 / 355ml

Snackbox - July Review

This is high in protein and an excellent source of calcium and fiber. Gluten-free and high in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. This one is in Dutch Cocoa flavour.

Hippie Foods Coconut Chips
$4.99 / 56g

Snackbox - July Review

I’m not a huge fan of anything coconut flavour, so I thought there is no way I’ll like these. Surprisingly I didn’t mind them, of course the boys like them even more.

Cocolico Sweet and Salty Pretzel Snack Mix
$4.99 / 100g

Snackbox - July Review

I love salty snacks and pretzels, but I didn’t care for the sweetness in these. However, my son couldn’t get enough of them. Snackbox you’re killing it this month!

Monkey Butter - Salted Caramel
$10 / 375g jar

Snackbox - July Review

I got a sample jar, but it’s a good size. It’s low in sugar, sodium and has no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives and nothing artificial. Another amazing treat for the boys.

Powerplant Fruit Bar
$2.99 / 50g bar

Snackbox - July Review

I haven’t tried this yet, but mostly likely it will end up in my son’s tummy. I don’t care for fruit bars too much and I wouldn't pay $3 for one bar. I do like that it’s organic, vegan, gluten free and peanut free.

Kitchening & Co. - Chocolate Ginger Cookie
$3.48 / 2 pack

Snackbox - July Review

This was the first thing we all tried and it was no fair that we only got two cookies. They were sooo good and fresh! You could tell they were just made and they used fresh ingredients. I WANT MORE PLEASE!

Skeet & Ike’s Trail Mix
$5.99 / 120g

Snackbox - July Review

We like keeping trail mix and almonds around the house and they’re great to bring on the road. You gotta always have something on hand for the little kids and the big ones.

Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons
$5.49 / 3 pack

Snackbox - July Review

I know these have coconut in them, but I think I will still enjoy them. I’m going to enjoy them with the little ones. My son has been eyeing them all day.

So if you’re not drooling right now then I don’t know what to tell you? Snackbox really impressed me this month. Yes, I was a little concerned about the sugar content in last month’s box, but I didn’t concern myself with any of that this month. It's still is a healthy Snackbox and you know what, everything is ok in moderation, so let’s just indulge from time to time and have fun! All of the snacks were great and so much fun for us to enjoy! What do you think of Snackbox? Interested in giving them a try? Remember You can get your first box for 50% off until July 31st using code: GIRLMEETSBOX

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