Poppy Parcel – August Review

Poppy Parcel – August Review

Poppy Parcel finally arrived and I was really looking forward to seeing what was in the box this month. With my first box last month it was an interesting variety of products. You can check it out here. It looks like Poppy Parcel is looking for new owners. I don’t know the details, but I hope someone comes along to takeover and is able to continue to make the company grow. Now I don’t know if it was because of the whole “looking for new ownership thing”, but this box was pretty meh. I feel bad saying so, but I gots to keep to real. So I’m just gonna get to it and you be the judge.

Cost: $19.99 + Shipping to Canada is $10. International shipping is $20.

Especially Paper - Lemon Tag Pack w/ Free Printable Birthday Banner

Especially Paper - Lemon Tag Pack w/ Free Printable Birthday Banner

Especially Paper - Lemon Tag Pack w/ Free Printable Birthday Banner

Some paper samples of lemons and price tag with a free printable pink lemonade birthday banner. Not sure how I feel about this since I need other materials to complete this. Plus as pretty as the banner is, I have two boys so I’m not feeling the pink. If it was a gender neutral banner that would’ve been better.

Materials you'll need to complete this project:

- color printer
- 8.5" x 11" white paper or card stock
- scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
- hole punch (optional, you could also cut slits for the ribbon)
- ribbon, baker's twine, or string

Nail Butter

Nail Butter

Nail Butter’s pure, all-natural recipe of essential oils and wool wax (lanolin) strengthens and revitalizes nails by enhancing growth and maintaining the optimum balance of moisture.

It was nice to receive two jars. I’ve been using it and it does a good job moisturizing. I’ll gift the other one.

Countercouture Strawberry Tea Towel

Countercouture Strawberry Tea Towel

Screen printed red strawberry tea towel. I knew this would be in the box and was like a tea towel - really?! Not too exciting, but it’s a flour sack towel and It’s super absorbent and dries glassware without leaving any lint. So it’s useful and it is cute.

2 Coupons for 20% off at Brown Pigeon and lisabarbero.com. I won’t use these, because the shipping to Canada is expensive.

So I’m not particularly thrilled about this box, a couple of products are useful, but forget that banner. I basically having to pay more to get the supplies to make it. Overall I am disappointed and the value didn’t add up for me. I will not continue my subscription, not sure if I can anyway with where things stand with the company now. Have you subscribed to Poppy Parcel? Let me know what you think of this type of subscription box.

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