Popbasic Lola Collection Review + Discount – May 2015

Popbasic Lola Collection Review + Discount – May 2015

Popbasic is a unique fashion service that helps build your style, one micro collection at a time. When you purchase a three-piece micro collection, you will not be locked into a monthly subscription. Every month a new micro collection is released – you choose to buy it or not. All collections will cost between $50-$100 each month, along with free shipping. Prices for each collection will depend on use of fabrics, seasons and pieces included in each collection.

The “Lola Collection” features 3 pieces – Basic Charcoal Tank, Ariel Necklace, and Crystal Rainbow Necklace. With each collection you’ll receive a style/product info card, along with a bonus beauty item, and a hand-written thank you note from Maddy, Popbasic’s co-founder.

Popbasic Lola Collection Review + Discount – May 2015

Cost: $70 + Free worldwide shipping!

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This review is bittersweet because Popbasic won't be releasing any more collections for the time being, but they will be releasing one-off items, such as their awesome leather clutches.

Basic Black Tank Dress

This dress is so cute, I knew I had to have it! It's a true basic that you can wear anytime of year. It'll work with any kind of shoe and you can pair it with a jacket and/or scarf. It's very comfortable and flattering too!

Popbasic Lola Collection Review + Discount – May 2015

Mariposa Gold Bracelet

This bracelet is really pretty! I don't really wear bracelets too much, but I'll try to remember to wear this one.

Popbasic Lola Collection Review + Discount – May 2015

Turquoise Leather Bracelet

This bracelet is kind of disappointing. Previews of this collection included a cool pair of sunglasses, but Popbasic had to swap them out due to a technical issue with US customs and replaced it with this piece.

Popbasic Lola Collection Review + Discount – May 2015

Pinrose Try-At-Home Fragrances

This is the bonus beauty item – 5 perfumes samples from Pinrose. It would've been nice to see some a different bonus item since I got these samples with my last collection.

Popbasic Lola Collection Review + Discount – May 2015

I always prefer it when Popbasic has more than one piece of clothing in a collection and I didn't like that we got 2 bracelets, but the dress alone makes me love this collection, so I'm good with it. I look forward to every Popbasic collection, so it's sad that there won't be any released for who knows how long, but I know they'll come back strong and release more beautiful collections for everyone to enjoy! Until then, I'll be looking out for the one-off item releases. I believe the next one will be a lilac leather clutch. The Lola Collection is still available, so if you're interested get it while you can and if you've never ordered before you can get this collection for only $55 using my LINK.

What do you think of Popbasic’s Lola Collection?

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