Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

Nerd Block is a monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles! They have a few different subscription boxes – Classic ($19.99), Jr. Boys ($13.99), Jr. Girls ($13.99), Comic Block ($13.99), Horror Block ($19.99), and Arcade Block ($19.99).

The Jr. Box is for ages 6-11 and only has toys.

Cost: $13.99/month (USD) + $6 shipping to Canada & US.

Shipping: Internationally.

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Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

Everyone who orders a subscription to any of the themed blocks can now grab another block for half the regular price! Just like the regular themed blocks, every Grab Block (one-off special offer) includes 4-6 great collectibles and a pop-culture t-shirt, and Grab Block comes in three themes - Classic, Horror, and Arcade! Anyone signing up for a subscription can add up to three Grab Blocks to their order. Anyone signing up for a new subscription can also take advantage of Welcome Block, a free $20 gift, and bringing home even more blocks for less!

Rubik's Cube Stress Ball

This 1.75” soft foam cube looks just like a real Rubik’s cube, but is soft and squishy and will definitely relieve your stress from trying to solve the original puzzle!

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

Pan: The Journey Begins Film Cell Bookmark

This double-sided laminated bookmark has a clip of real film from the movie. The back of the bookmark has a certificate of authenticity. These film cells are popping up in a lot of boxes these days. They're cool, but I don't think many kids in this box's age range will find them very appealing. I could be wrong, but my son had no interest in this and doesn't know this movie.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

A closer look:

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

Super Powers Sandwich Container

I can't find this exact product online, but it's a good item for my son. He likes the superheroes and we can use another container for his sandwiches.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Nesting Dolls 

We got this same set in the Classic Nerd Block earlier this year.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

Ghostbusters Plush Slimer

The boys like Ghostbusters, so they were happy to get Slimer. Another item I couldn't get a price on.

Nerd Block Jr. Boys Review – October 2015

This month's Nerd Block Jr. had a couple of good items, but overall the box wasn't that exciting for the boys. There should've have been more toys they could actually play with. This box had one too many novelty items, so I wouldn't say this was a great box for kids. I've mentioned it before, but in case you didn't know, another great option for Nerd Block subscribers is you can switch Blocks whenever you want to try another Block. Just log-into your account to view your switching options.

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