My Geek Box Review – October 2016

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

My Geek Box is big. I think it might be the biggest geek box I have seen. I love the bright blue colour and the reminder for me to “Get my Geek on”. I have yet to review one of these boxes, but I have read Lisa’s reviews and I definitely like many of the items that she has received.

My Geek Box is a monthly mystery subscription box of geeky goodness, hand-picked and sent straight to your door every month. My Geek Box offers you a haul of unique and rare novelty items, in addition to their signature limited edition T-shirts.

My Geek Box has 3 other subscription boxes to choose from:

  • My Geek Box Lite: 3-4 geeky items  from your favourite franchises!
  • Pop! And A Top: A mystery Funko Pop! Vinyl and awesome geeky t-shirt delivered to your door!
  • My Geek Box Kids: The perfect gift for little geeks in training. Boxes contains a great selection of hand-picked items which are perfect for kids aged 5-11. Contents could include toys, activity books and stationery, with a fresh new box every month!

Cost: My Geek Box - $19.99/month (USD)

Shipping: Internationally – fees applied at checkout.

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

Like I've already mentioned, this is my first time reviewing this box and I also found the absence of an info card a bit strange. I appreciate the gesture of that bit of extra info especially when I am a bit lost on the reference.

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

Spock Skeleton Hand T-Shirt

A skeleton hand gesturing the Star Trek Vulcan Salute, made famous by Spock.

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

Aquaman - DC Animated Movie Collectible

Justice League, Throne of Atlantis series, number 11 in the series. I love the art on this figure. I find it very reminiscent to the art found in the Anime genre. Excellent detail and solid packaging. Also available are Mera, Black Mantra, and Ocean Master. Aquaman has no accessories. Head is on a ball joint so his head moves up and down, left and right. Shoulder is pin and socket shoulder so his arms move up and down and out. He cannot move his torso and can move his legs back and forth and bend his knees.

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

Marvel Shoe Laces

OK these are cool. Imagine the Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Iron man, all keeping your laces tied. Not sure which pair of shoes these should go on. These will fit adult shoes. OK but here is the interesting thing. On the back of the packaging it says “Loot Crate Exclusive”. If you do some more digging you will find they were included in the May 2015 Loot Crate. Hmm.

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

Pandorica Prequel Comic - Issue #1

The prequel comic book to Pandorica. Written by Tom Paton and artwork by Matt Page (2000AD Comics). Pandorica revolves around the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe. Eiren, Ares and Thade are all in line to lead the next generation of their people. Only one of them will become leader but who will it be?

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

Sonic the Hedgehog Sketch

This 8” x 11” poster is a pencil sketch of the classic Sega character. Timely as Sonic celebrates his 25th year. Hard card stock and is in very nice condition.

My Geek Box Review – October 2016

First impressions of the box - no info card. This is a very simple fix and a welcome addition to any box. The box is massive for what you actually get in it. It seems like overkill. Some of the products in it seem like an afterthought, like the shoelaces. They were an exclusive from Loot Crate. How do they end up here? The value if ordered in the States is good. I was not really that excited about anything in this box. Regardless, I hope I get to another My Geek Box. I certainly have like many of the items that I have seen in previous reviews.

What do you think of My Geek Box?

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