Luxe Box – Summer 2013 Review


I was very excited to see my summer Luxe Box arrive. For some reason I had a feeling that it was going to be a good one and I was right! For this season’s box, Luxe Boxdecided to offer members a few upgrade options. Some were free to upgrade and some cost a few extra bucks. While they looked good, I decided to stick with the regular box and be surprised. Just before the boxes were to be shipped Luxe Box had a problem with the shipment of their signature boxes. They informed members of this and offered to either have boxes shipped in alternative packaging or wait until July 18th to receive the signature box. As beautiful as their signature boxes are, I had waited long enough and just wanted to receive my box, so I opted for the alternative packaging.

This is it:



And here’s what was inside:

Lancome - Genefique
$125 / 50 mL


Award-winning serum that helps create a more youthful-looking skin by promoting natural skin renewal that is characteristic of young skin. Visible results in just 7 days. Drop by drop, skin is vibrant with youth, its tone becomes astonishingly even and its texture dramatically refined.

This came in the last Luxe Box, so I’m not thrilled about getting it again. It is a really good product, but I just wish I got something new.

Olay CC Cream
New product not out yet


Introducing beauty's next big trend! Olay CC Cream provides instant coverage plus correction to fight 7 signs of aging, including uneven tone, age spots, and wrinkles. This all-in-one triple stream formula combines a daily anti-aging moisturizer, SPF 15 sunscreen and sheer tint for younger-looking skin.

Holy Smokes! A NEW and FULL SIZE product! I am so excited that I got this and am going to love using it! I’m hoping I’m really impressed with the results.

Goldwell - Style Sign Jelly Boost
$17 / 150 ml


An easy-to-use spray gel for creating instant body and texture for short or long hair styles. Texturizes hair, ideal for brushless blow-drying, provides heat and color protection.

I don’t recall ever using a spray gel before, so I can’t wait to try this. I try to avoid blow drying my hair too much - plus I hate doing it. I like that it offers heat and colour protection (a must have for me). This will probably be good too if you want to air dry your hair.

Condition Culture Hair Shadow
$15 - Full Size


COLORSMASH Hair Shadow by Condition Culture is temporary highlights that add vibrancy and colour to the hair with no commitment. Our formula is free of chemicals and safe for hair use, unlike some craft store soft pastel chalk brands.

At first glance I did think it was eyeshadow, but no it’s hair shadow. I most likely would’ve never use this even just a week ago, but right now I’m in the process of being a hair model for a hair competition and I have a crazy haircut with some crazy colours going on. So throwing this into the mix will be fun for a while.

Cake Beauty - It’s a Slice Mousse
$22 / 250 ml


It's a slice supreme body mousse. A rich whipped orange-vanilla body lotion to blanket your body in. An ultra light body lotion with extreme hydrators that will leave your skin lightly scented and perfectly moisturized and smooth. Your skin will look and feel exceptionally dewy and supple.

I finally get to try a product by Cake. I don’t mind this scent combination and I like the texture. I prefer lotions/mousses that are light in texture like this one. This will get used.

PHILOSOPHY - Purity Made Simple
$26 / 8 oz


Award-winning daily facial skin cleanser is formulated to gently cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating the skin. Features & benefits: Deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up, natural oil extracts help condition skin, fragrance-free formula.

Another product that I will gladly use.

B. KAMINS - Mini Lip Balm
$19 / 0.53 oz


This soothing lip balm helps to moisturize and protect lips from sun, wind and extreme temperatures. Maple and softening essential oils help to repair chapped, sore lips, and UVA/UVB sunscreening agents help to prevent the breakout of lip sores. This treatment creates a smoother palette for lipstick application by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and reducing the feathering of lip color. Use anytime for softer, more luscious lips.

I’ve already been using this and this lip balm is no joke. It’s thick, no scent and you can tell it’ll protect your lips from the elements. It’s staying in my bag!

Loose Button - Kabuki Brush
$15 - Full Size


A kabuki brush that works with many different types of makeup, delicately made to accentuate every feature. Kabuki brushes are a must-have tool for anyone's makeup kit. If you wear blush or bronzer, owning a soft kabuki brush will make application easy and even. Whether you are a professional makeup artist, a fashionista, or just someone who likes to experiment with new makeup techniques, adding a kabuki brush to your makeup brush collection is a great idea.

I received a Kabuki Brush from a previous Luxe Box and love it! I use it all the time. Kabuki brushes give me the best application for blushes and bronzers! I don’t mind having another.

Prices for membership are:

Quarterly plan - $26 / season
Semiannual plan - $25 / season
Annual plan - $24 / season

Overall I am really happy with getting the regular box! Receiving two full size products was a pleasant surprise and the Olay CC Cream is a product I’ll use. This was going to be my last Luxe Box because my annual subscription was done, but now I’m really on the fence. I found Luxe Box stepped up their game with this box. I’ll probably just cave and subscribe again. I’m hoping Luxe Box continues to include at least one full size item. Which box to you get? What do you think of this season’s Luxe Box and the upgrades?

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