LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

It finally came. It was my first my box from LittleEcoFootprint and I was so excited so what was in it!

LittleEcoFootprint is one of the only subscription boxes from Canada for baby and mom. They specialize in Eco-friendly products, which is awesome.

The first thing I saw was the information booklet. I thought it was great. There is info from some of their experts about various topics, from treating baby eczema to avoiding BPA to boosting breast milk production, along with all the product information.

So to the products I received.

LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

Buncha Famers Stain Remover Stick

($4.42) Full Size

LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

A stain remover made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients. It's enhanced with borax to soften the water and aid in the cleaning process. I actually already use this and it does work. It's great for most stains, so I was happy to have another.

Carré Jaune Natural Foam Wash

Sample Size: $5 / Full-Size: $12.95

LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

This is a refreshing collection of skincare products designed by a mother of two who couldn't find nontoxic products she wanted to use of her kids. They are chemical free collection comprised of 100% natural ingredients, and non of the products contain essentials oils. Instead they rely on fruit extracts such as apricots, as well as other soothing ingredients (vitamin E, calendula oil and shea butter). Love that! I'm always eager to try natural products like this. I will definitely give it a try.

Crayon Rocks

3 Pack Sample: $1.75 / 8 Pack: $4.75 / 16 Pack: $7.25

LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

Crayon Rocks are all natural soy wax crayons, coloured with mineral pigments. The colours are vibrant and creamy. I've never seen this product before, but think it's a great idea. My 3 year old loves to draw, so he'll love them for sure!

ecojet Growth Chart


LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

ecojet creates inspirational and whimsical journals, sketchbooks, cards, gift wrap and more! All made in Canada from 100% post consumer recycled waste. I thought the design was very cute and fun. My 3 year old saw it and right away wanted to measure his height. (Man this kid is growing too quick!)

First Food Organics

Organic Banana Munch Mix(Full Size) $3.99 & Organic Yogurt Yums (Sample)

LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

They are a Canadian company that focuses on providing healthy, organic food for your baby. They're proud to have recently introduced a new line of Organic Infant Cereals and Toddler Snacks, now available across Canada. We broke these out right away. My 1 year old loves these type of snack foods! He munched on them happily. Nice to have something like this, plus they great for on the go. I always need back up when I'm out!

John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash

$3 (1 oz. Sample) / $24.50 (Full Size)

LittleEcoFootprint March 2013 Review

An eco-friendly hair, skin, and body care line. Created with the mildest botanically-based surfactants. The body wash foams into a creamy, rich, sulfate-free lather that gently removes dirt and oil - leaving skin soft and smooth. I loved the scent when I opened it, very light and citrusy with a hint of vanilla. Can't wait to try this.

- Also included was a $10 gift card for Boské Kids
A Canadian clothing company for kids ages newborn to 6.

Overall I was happy to receive these type of products, but wasn't "wowed" by anything. I'm hoping next month's box will make me want to keep my subscription. Did you receive this box? What did you think? Also I'm very curious to know if there are any other baby/mom/kid boxes out there that ship to Canada. I know there's a lot that ship within the U.S. If anyone is aware of any that ship here, I want to know.

Total of $30.16 (not including gift card)

Monthly subscription is $29/month
3 month membership is $87
6 month membership is $162
Free shipping for all.

Visit them at LittleEcoFootprint

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