Lip Factory Inc. – June Review

Lip Factory Inc. - June Review

Ah Lip Factory Inc. you did it again! I loved my Lip Factory Inc. box this month! This is one subscription box I anxiously await. It was my second box from them and it didn't disappoint. For such a small box they put quite a few full size goodies in it and I love it! For $26 per month ($22 + 4 shipping to CAN), each month, you will receive your Lip Factory Beauty Kit containing 5 to 7 of your favorite makeup brands. Although your kit may include a full face of makeup products, their focus is on your lips! Your kit may include lip products such as lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners and lip therapy products. This month they also added a few new brands, so lets get to it.

Lip Factory Inc. - June Review

Here's what was inside my box this month:

Colour U Cosmetics Loose Shadows - Caribbean Sea

Colour U Cosmetics Loose Shadows - Caribbean Sea

Pigment shadows are rich in colour, fun & daring. Use loose shadows for soft subtle looks or for a dramatic creative eye. Great when used with shadow base to make colours pop!

A beautiful eyeshadow in a turquoise-green colour. It has a lot of shimmer, but in a good way. I don't have an eyeshadow in this shade, so I’m definitely going to enjoy trying it.

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick (SPF 20) - Expressive Rose

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick (SPF 20) - Expressive Rose

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick (SPF 20) - Expressive Rose

​A long lasting grape seed anti oxidant enriched moisturizing lipstick with SPF 20. Protect lips from pollutants and harmful effects of free radicals.

This is a gorgeous product in a pretty colour. I love the packaging and I was being careful when I opened it, but to my disappointment it was ruined. I have no idea how it got this way, but I will be getting a replacement. I contacted customer service and they are sending me a new one. Thanks Lip Factory!

Londontown Nail Lakur - Teatime

Londontown Nail Lakur - Teatime

Infused with our revamped family remedy and a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to enhance healing and nail health. Long lasting shine. Vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

“5-free" does not contain the toxic chemicals;

-Formaldehyde resin-free

​​I really like this soft, subtle colour, but I am never excited getting nail polish. I don’t wear it often, so my collection is just sitting there unused.*

Manic Panic Raven Mascara


Extremely rich and voluptuous, Manic Panic’s glossy mascara is long- wearing, water resistant, conditioning and smudge proof, all the while remaining 100% Vegan and cruelty free! This dramatically dark and vibrant mascara takes lashes to new depths in thickness and luxury. Manic Panic’s ultra light formula allows you to lengthen and build your lashes with no flaking. This luxurious formula contains Carnuba wax to ensure a smooth application, Provitamin B5 and Brazilian palm tree oil to help hydrate and thicken.

I didn't know Manic Panic had its own makeup line. I only know them for their hair colour which I used when I was in my teens. Yes, I had a phase where I dyed my hair crazy colours. I'm curious to see how good their makeup products are. A new mascara to try, yes please!

Manic Panic High Voltage Lip Gloss - Radioactive

Manic Panic High Voltage Lip Gloss - Radioactive

Manic Panic High Voltage Lip Gloss - Radioactive

Packed with Vitamins C & E and jojoba (in addition to tons of goodie flower extracts), this cupcake flavored lip gloss will leave your lips shiny and sweet. Giving you the ultimate in color and shine, High Voltage Lip Gloss comes with a LED lighted twist tube cap and features a mirror on the outside….perfect for touch ups wherever you are. The highly pigmented cruelty free and 100% Vegan and Paraben FREE lip gloss applies flawlessly and have staying power.

I thought this lip gloss was so cool and it really does light up when you open the tube! I'm in love with this colour and the way it feels on my lips, not sticky at all! I was very happy to get this! I love the look of a bold colour lip and neutral eyes and this lip gloss delivers!

Essence Volumizing Lash Powder

Essence Volumizing Lash Powder

Essence's set for an absolutely breathtaking false lashes look! It's this simple: Apply your favorite essence mascara. Apply volumizing lash powder to lashes before the mascara dries. Seal with mascara & be amazed!

Now this has me interested. I never heard of a product like this and I'm hoping it really works. It doesn't look like powder though, more like cotton fibers?

Befine Exfoliating Cleanser
(Sample Packet)

Befine Exfoliating Cleanser

This daily mini-facial for your skin melts away dirt and debris, instantly brightening and improving your skin's clarity. The delicious medley of brown sugar, crushed almonds and soothing oats gently removes damaged skin cells.

I don't buy exfoliating cleansers anymore, but I will gladly use them whenever I get them in a box. I like that it’s paraben free, has vegetarian proteins and allergen free fragrance.

This month’s box was another hit for me! Right now my two favourite beauty boxes are this one and ipsy. I think I like this one a bit more because you get more full size products and there is always at least two products that I really love, but you’re also paying more. I wish it was slightly cheaper, so I could say it’s by far my favourite, but the extra cost for having it shipped here are a downer (although you also have to pay shipping to Canada for ipsy too). However, the value for this box was around $89, amazing! What do you think of Lip Factory Inc.? Interested in subscribing? Check them out and let them know I hooked you up with my referral number: 384739. You can get more info on their rewards program here.

*I’ve been considering doing a giveaway. If I do, nail polish will definitely be in the prize pack.

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